Saturday, April 16, 2011


So...Last night DISKO NOUVEAUX seemed to a one giant sweaty dancey success!!!!! At one point it was really packed all asses to elbows in there!!!!! I couldn't help but smile....Sometimes I am a bit jaded about NYC nightlife...Living here my WHOLE LIFE I've seen it wax and wane...and was here during what at least people of MY generation consider it's "heyday"....and like alot of generations growing older i long for those days of nostalgia....and while DISKO NOUVEAUX isn't SPECIFICALLY about living in the past...It was about trying to make the present a little more like it!!!! And perhaps last night we helped make that happen in our own small way!!!! People came dressed up and how it SHOULD be!!!!!

So....that being said i'd like to again thank Patrick {of recent Salvation fame} and Sean aka Templar {of Underworld/Red Party fame} for being gracious guest DJ's....and for keeping everyone going along with me all night ...and because it was requested here was my setlist for the night!!!!!


Im in love with a German film star: the Passions
Screaming in my pillow:SSQ
Cut a long story short: Spandu Ballet
Her body in my soul: OMD
I travel: Simple Minds
Shoot you down: APB
All stood still: Ultravox
Work for love: Ministry
European Son {12"}: Japan
Dancing like a gun: John Foxx
White boy{Dance mix}: Culture Club
Desperate but not serious: Adam Ant
No more words: Berlin
Kiss me: Stephen Duffy
Love on your side: Thompson Twins


Night People: Human League
Waiting: My Robot Friend
My Own Way {Night Version}: Duran Duran
I feel love/Johnny Remember me: Marc Almond&Jimmy Sommerville
Living on Video {re-recorded}: Trans-X
So You Think Your a Man?{7"}: Divine
Surrender to a Stranher {HRC remix}: Soft Cell
In This Town: Dangerous Muse
What I Want: Dead or Alive
Silent Morning:Noel
Sidewalk Talk: Jellybean
Crucified: Army of Lovers

Russian Radio {Gastnost Club Mix}: Red Flag
Boys Say GO! {2006 Remaster}: Depeche Mode
Male Stripper: Man2Man {featuring Man Parrish}
State Farm {Madhouse Mix}: Yaz
How to ba a Millonaire: ABC
Pistol: Erasure
the Sun Always Shines on T.V.{extended mix}: A-ha
Suburbia: Pet Shop Boys

A melange of MADNESS!!!! And im SURE {or hope at least} SOMEONE took better photos...I will add a few choice ones here...So hopefully due to the success of last night I {we} will see you again SOON!!! So until them my Lurid Disco Dollies......


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