Monday, November 19, 2012

....and you don't STOP.....

Just some pretty amazing gay positive hip hop...FINALLY...I mean with so many in this genre still on the DL its really amazing to see some new kids standing up and saying 'YES HUNTY".....Keep that shit up !!!!!


Monday, October 29, 2012

OBSESSED : Rob Roth as "Craig"

So sometime in the Spring/Summer I went to see a show called "BLUNDERLAND" put on by my friend Eric Schmalenberger...I made him an outfit for the event and know the typos of soirees he threw wanted to see what was going on....there was the usual faire of amazing burlesque and aerialists...then someone stumbled through the crowd onto the stage...a bottle breaks...and a wolf man in tattered clothing appears...Me and my friends Candice and Gooby were like "What the fuck?!?!?" then soon he began to was "Only You" by Yaz and let me tell you....There was not a dry eye in the house...then...he was gone and we were MYSTIFIED!!! We were calling him "Teen Wolf" until we figured out who he was....

Rob Roth wears so may actor, director and entertainer...a singer and one of the creators of legendary CLICK AND DRAG {which i was lucky enough to go to way back when}....He is also the creator of "Craig"...the wolf i mentioned above.....
 a lonely beautiful soul with a lovely  singing voice that truly broke my heart....

Hopefully...if we are lucky he will perform again and i tell you...don't miss it!!! It is true art and sublime entertainment.....I was certainly and deeply touched!!!!

These photos were from a series he did with photographer Matthu Placek one day all over NYC for 14 hours...the photos are as touching and mysterious as 'Craig" and feature some NYC underground luminaries like Ms Debbie Harry and Jack Doroshow "Flawless Sabrina"...These were also feature in Outthere magazine!!! 

Here also is a video of a performance he did at BANZAI one year also a creation of Mr Schmalenberger and my friend MUFFINHEAD!!!!

Please enjoy!!!


Krys Fox: 31 Days of Halloween

{Joey Arias as Frankenstien's monster}

Its funny how certain people keep turning up in your life but you don't  really meet them until the time is right...

My friend jose moved to SF and when i finally found him {long story} i went out to see him...We saw a lot of sights one of which was TRANNYSHACK where i saw quite a show...two people that stood out were SupposiTori Spelling and Foxi Cotin...Best drag names EVER!!!! I was intrigued because they were pretty amazing performers.... and we even saw Foxi on the bus one day...but we never officially "met.....

...Flash to years later and i am with my boyfriend at the time and we go to an art opening of Walt Cessnas i once again see Krys who is part of the burgeoning "Wolfpak" with Walt and Scooter.......but still haven't met....

....FINALLY in the now i , meet him through a fellow friend Melanie....We meet at Pop Souk and it clicks.....I guess it was finally time......and it all makes so much sense!!!!

{JACKSON SLAYBAUGH: Rosemarys Baby: alternative ending}

Perhaps some of you know Mr Fox's i did....he takes beautiful photos of beautiful people...mostly men...covered in tattoos or dragged-out to the nines...or in barely anything at all....its natural and raw and just stylized enough to create a fantasy...but so filled with a gritty reality that its hard to turn away....He sees something fantastic amongst the mundane of everyday life...and creates beauty with simple but beautiful sets...and an array of models....

{Nicholas Gorman is Regan in the Exorcist!!!}

This year he did something near and dear to my heart!!! 31 days of HALLOWEEN!!! He posted a photo..{.or 2 or 3 }, every day of a different horror movie...big names of the genre...the Birds...Exorcist....the Blob...Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street to name just a few...and with models...gogo boys...nightlife luminaries and radical fairies he re-created classic Horror movies in his own vision...from his own personal memories of the films...films that helped shape who he they did to many of us!!!

{Return of the Living Dead}

So if your a horror fan like i am...or just curious...please check out his photos...only a few more days left...and if I know Krys even after just meeting him,...i feel like he has some surprises up his sleeve!!!!

{Matthew Camp in Nightmare on Elm Street!}

{Scooter LaForge in Psycho!]

{Scream!! :  KRYS FOX (Casey) & MICHAEL BURKE (Ghostface)}

Sunday, October 28, 2012



{Is everyone else as tired as i am!?!?!?!?} you all know PUREVILE! is a one man show...quite literally...with me doing all aspects of the designing of the pieces...from collection to conception...HOWEVER...i never forget how much support i get from my friend without whom NONE of this could come to fruition!!! between helping me vend and modeling...taking photos and just being there to encourage me when I'm feeling down....its a one many operation with MANY people joining me for the ride and believing in me!!! and THAT is so important!!!!that is MOST important!!!!

{model Melanie!}

That being said this is my THIRD time showing my things at my good friend Shien Lee's EXTRAVAGANZA PHANTASMAGOREY presented by Dances of Vice!!! A tribute to all things dark an sinister inspired by one of my heroes EDWARD GOREY!!!!! It was a magical night packed with revelers of all kinds in such amazing costumes!!! it was lound and dark and fun....and with some pretty stunning acts as well!!!! DoV Halloween is a MUST in NYC!!! {even Time Out New Your says so!!!!!} SO its always a pleasure to be what i hope is an integral part of the show!!!

{Model: Candice!!!}

This year my "theme" {loose as it is} was Peepshow/Creepshow...a little dark a little fun a little sexy...just how i like it!!!! I even decided to get in on the fun and model...since NOONE was willing to wear my custom jockstraps...but like i said....when your the sole proprietor of a company you often have to take one for the "team" as it were and i was HAPPY to do so!!!!!

So without further adieu...the models and their pieces!!!

Melanie is wearing a handout faux leather skeletal system "apron" backed in crochet and a pearl and skull collar

Shane is wearing a faux leather deer headdress with chandelier crystal eyes and a sheer veil...also the "Prince of Darkness" necklace

Candice is wearing a tulle ruff with feathers and mesh and a vintage wooden hand headpiece with a doll eye and steak knife!!!

Barrett is wearing a top hat/plague mask with deer jawbone and feather and a vintage plastic heart brooch

Anna is wearing a hand painted skeletal system skirt with pheasant wing brass cuffs with studs and a PUREVILE! Vintage piece , the double antler neckpiece with hand crouched spiderweb and cameo of hornets nest!!!

Micol is wearing a sun bleached deer skull headpiece with magnifying monocle

Gooby is wearing the "Urchin" eyepatch and a jawbone necklace...with customized vest

and me your fearless leader wearing the {in}famous COCKTOPUSS jockstrap!!!!

{theres enough of him to go around!!!!!]

AND the group shot...sans me.....what a rag tag bunch of slinky vagabonds!!!!!

Sometimes its so hard...and a lot of times i want to give up...i don't want to complain but i don't make a lot of money at my day really not a lot.....and i fund all this myself...PUREVILE! does not have a trust fund!!! This comes from love...and because if i didn't make things who would i be?!?!? What would i do!!!! Sometimes i forget and i get tired and i doubt myself and i ask WHY!?!?!? Why am i doing this?!?!??!

then someone comes up to me and tells me how much they love my work...or i see the look on my friends faces when the put on my stuff and as corny and hokey as it sounds it makes everything worth it and I'm like OH FUCK YES!!! THIS IS WHY I DO THIS!!!! because its who i am...and because it makes people happy...and thats worth every minute of lost sleep and stress....

So thank you ALL OF YOU...for standing by me...for standing WITH me...for helping and supporting...for buying and selling...for listening to me complain and for laughing with me...for understanding when i can't go to every event...and for celebrating with me when i do...

Perhaps one day...this will be all i day maybe the dream will be true....but until then i keep going...goal in sight.....with so many amazing people along with me!!!!!

THATS what PUREVILE! is REALLY about!!!! Always was...always will be

"Every Day is Halloween"

Oh Halloween!!!

I remember when i was young how much i used to LOVE it!!!! The amazingly cold weather...the sounds of people on the streets , the warm glow of Jack-o-lanterns...It was such a magical time...It made me feel so alive and seems to me now to encapsulate that feeling of true childhood FUN!!! Fun for funs also taught me the joy of dressing up...of creating a persona...of make the real you bubble to the be YOU for a night and none will laugh at you for it....

My Mom used to make us these AMAZING HAloween costumes...pretty much ANYTHING we asked for...i remember sometimes back then it was "embarrassing" as things like that are for little kids....mostly because we just wanted to wear the store bought things the other kids were wearing...but REALLY we weren't LIKE the other or my brother...SO while other kids had a plastic sheet Big Bird costume I had a custom made big bird costume with REAL feathers glued on BY HAND {not GLUE GUNS back then kiddies!!!} So really how can one compare!!!

FOr me it was also a chance to show off!!! For a shy kid it was a chance to wear a "mask" a be not be afraid and to be more bold and possibly to come out of my self imposed shell a bit and enjoy life!!!! 

Now...Halloween has lost some of its magic...its become about progress and commerce and binge drinking and "sexy" its a busy time of year for me and my work so it can be trying.....also its kinda hard for those of us who pull of a daytime look every day that can make Halloween seem a bit redundant....Those of us who put effort into dressing and get yelled at year round....Much like that famous "Ministry" song.....It can sometimes render Halloween powerless...Sometimes....but every now and again...I see someone ..a adult...who put a little extra thought in their costume...possibly homemade...and i hear the leaves rustle...and i smell the October air....and i get those sweet chills that come with memory....and i remember what it was like...and i remember that first sweet taste of candy...and i remember the empowerment of being free and i remind myself...that deep inside...there may just still be some magic left after all....


Sunday, October 14, 2012

MUNSTER: Ode to a shoe....

Since i first laid eyes on these oh so many many years ago i have ALWAYS wanted them...people have tried to recreate their magic but all have failed...and recently Fluevog just re-released the ORIGINAL Munster shoe....DAMN I wish i was just a tad more Drag=y because i would snatch these bitches UP!!!!! Spmebody please buy them so i could at least just stare at them longingly.... I remember distinctly drooling over these in the Fluevog window...{the ORIGINAL STORE mind you...} wishing i had the balls to wear them.....

They are clunky and sexy and sophisticated and quirky and many things i LOVE.....


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"I Heard That You'd Try Anything...TWICE.........."

I don't know what it is about Morrissey that sends me reeling between Melancholy and Desire..... I either want to sit in a dark room and cry...or take some nerdy hot man behind some disused railway know what i mean....

and more recently this song has been such a favorite of mine filled with self deprecating erotica like only Morrissey knows how to do....I makes me  think of myself..... as a lot of his songs do...

So as i get ready for bed please enjoy this little tune....and close your eyes...and think of someone you physically admire.....


There's a place in the sun for anyone
Who has the will
To chase one and I think I've found mine
Yes, I do believe I have found mine

So, close your eyes
And think of someone you physically admire
And let me kiss you, oh
Let me kiss you, oh

I zig-zagged all over America
And I cannot find a safety haven
Say, would you let me cry on your shoulder
I've heard that you'll try anything twice

Close your eyes
And think of someone you physically admire
And let me kiss you, oh
Let me kiss you, oh

But then you open your eyes
And you see someone that you physically despise
But my heart is open
My heart is open to you

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"We Have Such SIGHTS to SHow You......"

Mr Clive Barker {pictured above at 19!!!} Not just a talented writer but a prolific painter and a photographer of gorgeously tattooed, HARD, painted, bloody monsters...I died 1,000 times and will 1,000 times more!!! Please, Mr Barker, keep them Cumming....


Friday, October 5, 2012