Thursday, October 31, 2013

the Voluptuous Horror of Dorian Gray: Halloween Edition Part ONE!!!!!

{Why am I Awake?!?!?}

SO yesterday was insanity as usual!!!! The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black was PACKED and they put on an amazing show the likes i had net seen in YEARS!!! It was sweaty and intense...there were wigs and baby dolls and eggs broken on was a MOMENT!!! Kembra and co. NEVER dissappoint and I'm glad i got to experience it set off the two night HAlloweek just right...

...and we set off the fire alarm again {damn smoke machine}...but even THAT didn't stop us!!! people still danced and partied to the whining beat of the emergency siren!!! It was a packed house all night and people looked their goulash best....And danced and danced and danced!!!! It was truly an amazing night....and theres still MORE TO COME!!!!

SO heres my set lists from last night...kept it a little dark and Halloweenie.....'tis the season and all!!! and stay tuned for MORE tomorrow!!!!



Grave: Mount Sims
Open Arms, Empty Air: Unextrodinary Gentlemen
Ruins: O. Children
Voices: Bootblacks
Other Passengers: thirteen at Midnight
Bruises: gene Loves Jesebel
Qual: Xmal Deutschland
Bad Trash: Switchblade Symphony
Muscovite Musquito: Clan of Xymox
Sorry for Laughing: Propaganda
In Your Head: Moev
Ricky's Hand: fad Gadget
Being Boiled: Human League


Candy,\man: Siouxsie
Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy: Suspira
Now Im Feeling ZOmbified: Alien Sex Fiend
Martin {Nitewreckers Mix}: Soft Cell
Sneakyville: Sucession
Watch ME Bleed: Tears for Fears
Major Tom {Coming Home}: Peter Schilling
Planey Earth: Duran Duran
Witchcraft: Book of Love
Let Her Go {Extended Mix}: Strawberry Switchblade


Hallucination Generation: Gruesome Twosome
Do You Fear for Your Child?: Thrill Kill Kult
Not in Love: Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith
Young Hearts of Europe: U Bahn-X

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dorian Gray: Im Burning UP!!! October 23rd

I haven't posted my set lists in awhile...its been a little crazy in Dorian-land settling into our new digs...but last week felt like everything fell into place...well excelt for the Fire Alarm going off and shutting the music down...but thats what going out is about right?!?!? Not knowing what is going to happen!!!! PLUS i think i wore my FAVE LQQK ever so far!!! What do you think?!?!?!

So heres my setlist from last week...perhaps it will get you in the mood for the 2 day SEXTRAVAGANZA we have planned for HALLOWEEK!!!!!

So sit back...relax...and press PLAY!!!



the river: the Harrow
Love My Way: psychedelic furs
Jasmine and Rose: Xymox
Third Uncle: Bauhaus
Sleepwalk: Christian Death
Standing There: the Creatures
Love Song: Cruel Black Dove
Underworld USA: Cold Cave
Your retro carreer Melted: the Faint
Count in Fives: the Horrors
Greta: Ipso Facto
Ready Steady GO!: Generation X
I am a Poseur: X-Ray Spex


Love Like Blood: Killing Joke
Someones Calling: Modern English
Ceremony: New order
Transmission: joy Division
Decay: Figures on a Beach
Homosapien: Pete Shelly
Master and Servant: Depeche Mode
Sex{Im a...}: Berlin
Don't be Square be there: Adam and the Antz
Forever Young {extended}: Alphaville
Living in Oblivion: Anything Box
Another World: Beborn Beton
the Great Commandment: Camouflage 


Like a Prayer: Bigod 20
Days of Swine and Roses: thrill kill Kult
World Destruction: Time Zone
Harley david Son of a Bitch: Bollock Brothers
I wanna be a Toy: dead or Alive
Hit that Perfect Beat: Bronski Beat
Give me Your Name: Dossier
In this Town: Dangerous Muse
Snakes: Ford&Lopin featuring Shannon from Light Asylum
Burning Up: Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
Church of the Poison Mind {remix}: Culture Club
Whats on your Mind? {Pure Energy}: information Society
Ooh La la: Goldfrapp
I Come with Knives: IAMX

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"One of US!!! One of US!!!"

Some inspirational images for some pieces I'm working on for BANZAI on November 16th...

.. Ive always been so interested in conjoined twins and other naturally occurring mutations in the human body....and they always inspire my work....hopefully i will have something twisted and amazing to show you soon!!!!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Come into My Parlour....."

When i was young i would take a spool of thread...{or 10}...and make intricate webs in my parents living room..dining room...basement...connecting everything with a slender piece of thread...pretending i was a spider weaving a web....i thought i was creating beauty...{and i was}...though disaster would usually follow as well in the form of something inevitably getting pulled over...but i was a spider creating a home and that was of little concern to me...

Beautiful silken architecture....amazing feats of endurance.... a means of capturing prey.....shining in the morning dew or in the corner of a basement....Spiders and their webs have forever fascinated me...they are so intricate and amazing..... i seek out their beauty and am always entranced when i see them....

I hope you too can enjoy their inherent beauty


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Scream Queen Halloween x DJ PUREVILE!

So since there was no Dorian Grey this week I was lucky enough to do a little DJing at Scream Queen for my best little with Severely Mame!!!! I played 2 small sets but everyone seemed to enjoy it except some queen who actually told me to turn the music down...oh GIRL!!!!

Anyway...heres my ALL VINYL set...I LOVE spinning records and wish I could do it MORE!!!!



Spellbound: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Holy Holy: david Bowie
Something Inside Me Has Died: Kommunity FK
Kiss kiss, Bang bang: Specimen 
Spirtiual Cramp: Christian Death
Rosegarden Funeral of Sores: Bauhaus
Cry Little Sister: Gerrard McMann
Down in the Park: Gary Numan
Running Up That Hill: Kate Bush


Witchcraft {extended Mix}: Book of Love 
Sex dwarf: Sof Cell
Fetish: Vicious Pink
Dominatrix: Dominatrix
Sexcrime: Eurythmics
Scary Monsters: David Bowie
Tales of Taboo: Karen Finley

"Is But a dream Within a Dream..."

Its been that kind of day...