Thursday, June 30, 2011


So i know Time Out just did an AMAZING article on my apartment....and id HATE to burst that bubble....but i just wanted to show you a little bit of the chaos that is my life right now....Imagine after work coming home to this mess....I am EXCITINGLY preparing for my TRUNK SHOW at Five&Diamond in San Francisco!!!! and maybe it doesnt look SO crazy to you...but it kinda is...theres stuff EVERYWHERE...and what you cant see are all the dishes in the sink and all the Flotsom and Jetsum covering the floor.....and the things...and the stuff...and the bones.....SO if I have to skip a dinner...or club night...or miss a phone call...well heres why...its for a good cause!!!!


"PRIDE...a Deeper LOVE....."

So I almost didn't go this year.....Because last year kinda sucked....but since they made the decicion in NY to FINALLY let us have EQUAL rights that we are promised in the constitution My friend Jose and I decided to was an AMAZING day weather wise and people were in FABULOUS moods.....and why not?!?!?!?! It was a LONG time coming with MANY false alarms!!!! And it was so exciting to see the POLITICANS getting more cheers than the Go-Go Boys...for a change....{not that theres ANYTHING wrong with Go-Go boys!!}

So here are some of my P.O.V. shots.of PRIDE 2010!!!

  {and imagine if you will the running commentary of Jose and I who have been dubbed the "Gay" Statler and Warldorf!!! SOME of which are reproduced here for your entertainment!!!!}


2 Abuelas in OFFICE CHAIRS!!!!

Jose: "I mean did they ROLL them all the way here?"

These two were so cute/nauseating


hell YES!!!



Dan Savage and his Boyfriend

{insert "ball" joke here}

giving face



RICKY!!!! from "My So Called Life" {Wilson Cruz}

Jose: "I can see your horns"

2 words: "Pink Merkin"

Red Hot Chili Peppers much?!?!?!?!

Stacy Lane Bryant Matthews

All the young Twinks

Manila Luzon!!!!


Jose: {shakes head}

Rob and Geary!

and when my camera battery died....apropos ...Non?!?!?!?!?


Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

My apartment "floorplan" {sort of}

It's been called "Turn of the Century Serial Killer"......"Cabinet of Curiosities"...or just "Creepy"...but to's home......My good friend Shien {} suggested to "Time Out NY" {} that they come and do an "Apartment Tour" and they DID!!!! They sent an amazing writer Amy Plitt and a great photographer David Rozenzweig!!!!! They did an incredible job depicting my apartment in a very stylish and appropriate way...and with no judgement.....I was VERY happy with the result!!!!

So check it out online OR run out and get a "hard copy" before its gone on Wednesday!!!!!! I included a few pics here to get you interested so PLEASE check it out...and find out some background on my trasures and WHY i collect them!!!!! and THANK YOU again for every one who was involved in this!!!!! Its always been one of my dreams to have my apartment featured in a magazine...thanks for making it come TRUE!!!!!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Podium 1 ; Paris

Wheni first saw images of this shop i was STUNNED...who crawled into my head?!?!?!? With it's scientific and medical overtones...adjustable and retactable lighting....beautiful brushed steel and bones scattered's like an image from my wildest dreams......An amazing comination of sleek and antique....Its a vision of beauty that i hopw one day to visit....and who knows...maybe even have my PUREVILE! line carried in!!!! A boy can dream can't he?!?!?!?!?


Friday, June 24, 2011

White Wedding

I must admit...Im SO EXCITED that New York passed the Gay Marriage law...I have always been kind of excited at the possability of getting married...I'm a lifelong romantic and I just love the idea of spending your life with someone you love...I have had such AMAZING examples of this growing up ESPECIALLY from my parents...They have an amazing love that I can only dream that comes from respect...and from giving each other the space to be themselves and have their own lives.....

I hope this is also a step in the direction of acceptance...of us being treated as equals and not seen as abborations of nature.......becasue thats ALL it is....not preferential treatment...but EQUAL treatment....and allthough the war has not been won...and we still have a LONG way to's a step in the right direction!!! Especially when even REPUBLICANS are supporting it!!!!! The times my dears really ARE a changin!!!!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dali x Disney

I know ...I typical right...a knee jerk choice people make when asked about what art they like...but truly he was one of the FIRST artists I became obsessed with....So i will always have a place for him in my heart.....

A few years ago they had an exhibit at the MoMA of all his "movie work" he did...included was this AMAZING piece of animation...a piece he was comissioned to do for Disney but the funding got pulled...he only completed on segment and had to stop...but had story-boards all drawn out...So Disney [present} decided to finish his work using new artists and his original vision...Im not always a fan of this type of thing...but in thsi case...I'll make an exception...I fond it so magical and remniscent of why i fell in love with him and his work in the first place!!!! So I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!!!


5&Diamond x PUREVILE! TRUNK SHOW!!!!!! July 28th in SanFrancisco!!!!

It all happend so quickly...or did it....i remebered maybe a year ago talking to Micol about 5&Diamond and how amazing Collectives are and how next time we got to SanFrancisco we HAD to go...then we finally went during our visit for the "Edwardian Ball" and it was WELL worth it...a well curated store with an amazing selection of items AND a super nice...{and as i remeber CUTE staff}....then I returned home and my friend Gooby decided we should try to get me in the shop...So he went with a sample and some printed out pictures from a photoshoot I did with my good friend and photgrapher Marlo Gamora {} no sooner did he leave then I recieved an email saying that they would LOVE to work with me....and no sooner did I send them some samples of my work that they suggested we do a TRUNK SHOW!!!! Needless to say i was OVERJOYED!!!!!!

The people at 5&Diamond have been AMAZING {especially Haley and Ricardo who I've been dealing with ALOT} They ahve been so supportive and encouraging...its been a true PLEASURE to work with them...I am greatly looking forward to finally meeting them..and the REST of the amazing team...and to be able to enjoy and celebrate all our hard work!!!

So...If your in SanFrancisco on Thursday July 28th come down to 510 Valencia between 6-9 and see the magic that is 5&Diamond...and take a look at the items I'll be featuring in my trunk show!!!!!

Also a quick Thank you to Marlo for the photos...and to Gina and James...Sara...Andy and Kristen for being my tireless models and emebers of the PUREVILE! Army and task force!!!!!