Thursday, June 23, 2011

5&Diamond x PUREVILE! TRUNK SHOW!!!!!! July 28th in SanFrancisco!!!!

It all happend so quickly...or did it....i remebered maybe a year ago talking to Micol about 5&Diamond and how amazing Collectives are and how next time we got to SanFrancisco we HAD to go...then we finally went during our visit for the "Edwardian Ball" and it was WELL worth it...a well curated store with an amazing selection of items AND a super nice...{and as i remeber CUTE staff}....then I returned home and my friend Gooby decided we should try to get me in the shop...So he went with a sample and some printed out pictures from a photoshoot I did with my good friend and photgrapher Marlo Gamora {} no sooner did he leave then I recieved an email saying that they would LOVE to work with me....and no sooner did I send them some samples of my work that they suggested we do a TRUNK SHOW!!!! Needless to say i was OVERJOYED!!!!!!

The people at 5&Diamond have been AMAZING {especially Haley and Ricardo who I've been dealing with ALOT} They ahve been so supportive and encouraging...its been a true PLEASURE to work with them...I am greatly looking forward to finally meeting them..and the REST of the amazing team...and to be able to enjoy and celebrate all our hard work!!!

So...If your in SanFrancisco on Thursday July 28th come down to 510 Valencia between 6-9 and see the magic that is 5&Diamond...and take a look at the items I'll be featuring in my trunk show!!!!!

Also a quick Thank you to Marlo for the photos...and to Gina and James...Sara...Andy and Kristen for being my tireless models and emebers of the PUREVILE! Army and task force!!!!!


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