Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dorian Gray: "Living Dead Girl Edition"

SO last night at Dorian was Epic as usual!!!! an amazing crowd amazing performer and the celebration of my friend Krys Fox's birthday after struggling with a bout of pnuemonia...So it was kind of a Happy Birthday Your ALIVE celebration as well!!!!

So I catered a BIT to him and made my sets full of strong women and fun punky new wave madness!!!!  But i guess thats my prerogative isn't it!!!!

SO until next week Dandies and Dollies!!!!


Set One:

Transmission: Joy Division
St Vitus Dance: Bauhaus
Romeos Distress: Christian Death
Carcass: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Cherry Bomb: the Runaways
C30, C60, C90, GO!: Bow Wow Wow
I am a Poseur: Xray Spex
Love is the Slug: We've got a Fuzzbox and Were Gunna Use it!
52 Girls: B-52's
Witchcraft: Book of Love
Kids in America: Kim WIlde
Johnny, Are you Queer?: Josie Cotton
Burning Up: Madonna
No More Words: Berlin
Thats Good: Devo
All Stood Still: Ultravox

Set Two:

Transylvanian Concubine {Yes sir, Thank you sir mix}: Rasputina
Living Dead Girl: White Zombie
21st Century Boy: Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Hit that Perfect Beat: Bronski Beat
Male Stripper: MAN2MAN
the Skins: Scissor Sisters
Boy Pop: Book of Love
GAlbi: Ofra Haza
Nipple to the Bottle: Grace Jones

A World on Your Finger: the Gobsmacking Beautiful Jewelry of Istambul Designer Sevan Bicakci

This morning i stumbled across the jewelry of Sevan Bicakci and was literally gobsmacked!!!! The HUGENESS of the pieces yet the insane artisinal intricacies!!! hand wright and sculpted...hand painted and layers...So complex and magically a miniature scene from movie.... Mosques and temples battle for attention with butterflies and doves seemingly trapped within precious jewels....The detail is mind blowing and i still cannot wrap my head around the intricacies of these beauties!!!! i want them ALL!!!! 

I also came across this amazing video which is a small peek into his atelier!!! It gives a little insight into his process as well as being able to see the actual SIZE of the pieces!!! the Pomegranate ring will make you gasp out loud like i did!!!!!

Anyone know a bank i could rob!?!?!? SERIOUSLY!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Come Into My Parlour" : an Installation Piece for BANZAII!!!!

{le Sigh}

Sometimes life throws you some insane curveballs especially when your trying to do something creative....this was NOT what i intended to have to show for BAnzai!!! Not at all...i had a whole peep show idea...then a video peep show that got shot and EVERYTHING...but all of those fell through...i had a little meltdown and then my friend Eric invited me to hang out in the Red Lotus Room where they have BANZAI!!! To figure something out.

.....After talking and laughing and wandering around a spark of a concept was born and it was decided id do an installation piece!!! So i decided to do an altar of sorts to all things PUREVILE!!! a collage of all the things that i LOVE as a person and as and artist....since i surround myself with the things i love and the things i use in my also let me use my skills as a "merchandiser" and "display artist" I've garnered over the years working for a retail company....

So Eric pointed out these vintage metal snowman skeletons used in the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade in the 60/70's and i though it would be PERFEVCT!!! I mini contained environment!!! like a small diorama!!!

I set there bare bone structure with the dress forms that would wear my PUREVILE! pieces and then literally added things from my living room!!!

Chandelier, paper macho oddfellos skull, tons of dolls, a HUGE crucifix, a clock and naturally some vintage porn to round it out!!! SO very ME!!!!

Then to that i added some PUREVILE accessories to tie it all together and for people to see how my environment influences my work SO DIRECTLY!!!

The night of BANZAI!!!! i added some tea lights as per Muffiheads suggestion to make it feel even MORE like an altar...and also unbeknownst to him to match my outfit PERFECTLY!!!! Also the chandelier was lit and created a magical glow....

AND VIOLA!!!  A small but sinister peek into the world of PUREVILE!!!! SO sometimes the things you don't plan come out even better that those you do...and quick thinking ...great friends and a very specific aesthetic will always win out in the end!!!!


Mr. Black: Sweet and Tender Hooligan

My friend Anthony Marcus Black is a talented photographer...visual curator of antique relics like myself and has lately been transforming himself aesthetically into his own personal vision of who he is on the inside....Just wanted to share some of the Vintagely driven and simply handsome looks he's been giving of late!!!


Friday, November 15, 2013

"And When We're in your Scholarly Room...Who Will Swallow Whom?"

We tried to fly
Is it so high
We don't think so
We don't think so

Are we looked at
Are we set back?
Can we fake him
Emulate him?

Time is breaking
Changing faking
Grind us up now
Not too hard now

Features so fine
Rouge and eyeline
Things I fancy
Just like Nancy

Fashions alter
Often falter
Crypso's out now
No more fights now

Make-up's taking
Lots of shaving
On my eyelash
You sure it don't clash

Slim-line trousers
Facial powders
flooding my mind
You sure there's no lines

Eye me up now
pamper me now
Please don't pass by

{Boys: Bauhaus}


All the streets are crammed with things
Eager to be held
I know what hands are for
And i'd like to help myself
You ask me the time
But i sense something more
And i would like to give
What i think you're asking for
You handsome devil
Oh, you handsome devil

Let me get my hands
On your mammary glands
And let me get your head
On the conjugal bed
I say, i say, i say

I crack the whip
And you skip
But you deserve it
You deserve it, deserve it, deserve it

A boy in the bush
Is worth two in the hand
I think i can help you get through your exams
Oh, you handsome devil

Oh, let me get my hands
On your mammary glands
And let me get your head
On the conjugal bed
I say, i say, i say

I crack the whip
And you skip
But you deserve it
You deserve it, deserve it, deserve it

And when we're in your scholarly room
Who will swallow whom ?
When we're in your scholarly room
Who will swallow whom ?
You handsome devil

Oh, let me get my hands
On your mammary glands
And let me get your head
On the conjugal bed
I say, i say, i say

There's more to life than books, you know
But not much more
Oh, there's more to life than books, you know
But not much more, not much more
Oh, you handsome devil
Oh, you handsome devil
Ow !