Monday, November 4, 2013

Adam Wallacavage : My Tentacled Obsession!!!!

{Algún Día}

I mean...

I seriously had to control myself to not try and grab up every last one of the pieces at the Adam Wallacavage show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery and run out screaming into the street!!!!! I WANT ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

This show is entitled 'Magic Mountain" and certainly evokes magic as all his pieces do...with subtle and pastel colors the pieces seem like sinister candies twinkling and shining against a stunning aqua backdrop....its a fantasy flea market where rococo flourishes mix with low brow toys and four eyed cats play with glow in the dark octopi!!!!! Pouring out of vases or clustered into a chandelier or even in the case of this show as little individual candle holders....

His work is the perfect combination of creepy/cute that I love so much and maybe some day if I'm very very good...{or have a ton of money}...ill own one of these be-tentacled beauties....something for over my bed or my favorite reading chair....

{I can dream can't i ?!?!?}





{Octopus Tentacle Candlestick}

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