Sunday, December 21, 2014


I always like seeing what other people do with my creations and how they style them and what kind of style and scenarios they see them in…So i was excited to see what photographer Igor Corzh was going to do with my work….and i was not disappointed!!!  i love the subtle and sexy way he presented them!!!

So for your viewing pleasure……


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sex on Fifth Ave at the Museum of SEX! : PUREVILE! Set Lists!!!

So...after much DRAMA and re grouping and remaining ,  "Sex on Fifth Ave" is BACK at the "Museum of Sex" as a weekly party filled with sexy debauchery!!! dancing, drinks, tours of the museum and a bouncy Boob house?!?!? What else can you ask for!!!!

Its a lot different from the dark sexy affair that is "Dorian Gray" heres some samples of set lists I've played...its dancy and queer ,its sexy Disko and gay retro house as well as new elektro and even a little hip hop flavored dance......

So CUM by...throw on something SEXY...{OR take something OFF} and help us put the SEX back in the City!!!


{PS these are all sets from different nights!!!!}

Its Over: Hungry Wives
Sweet Tea: Le1f
Chasing Time: Azealia banks
White Horse {tees inbox remix}: Jessica 6
Blind: Hercules and Love Affair
Good Boys {Blow Up Mix}: Blondie
Feed the Horse: Faggit Fairys
Deep in Vogue {Banjee Realness}: Malcom McLaren
Silent Morning: Noel
Just Like a Queen {Share the Throne Mix}: Ellis D
Runaway: Dee-Lite
Queens English {Royal CLub Mix}: Jose Luis
Express yourself {Sheps Mix}: Madonna
Shady Love {feat Krystal Pepsi}: Scissor Sisters
Situation{Richard X mix}: Yaz
Give Me tonight: Shannon
Looking for the Perfect Beat: Afrika baambaata

Im Not MAdonna: Hi Fashion
Supafreak: Amanda Blank
212: Azelia Banks
Helen Keller: Cazwell & MAnila Luzon
Big and bad: Kid Sisiter
Evil {remix}: Ladytron
Overdose: Tomcraft
Shut Up and Sleep With Me: Sin with Sebastian
Marina Do Bario: Bonde Do Role
Pretty Girls: Stuffa and Andy
Move {Cut Copy mix}: CSS
Universal Mind Control: Common
Licky: Larry tee feat Princess Superstar

Cunty: Rageous Project
My House: Hercules and Love Affair
Give Me Tonight: Shannon
over powered: Roisin Murphy
F for You: Disclosure 6
Venus {marc almond mix}: Bananarama
I don't Feel Like Dancin {Linus remix}: Scissor Sisters
Your Gunna Want Me: Tiga
Fantastic Baby: BIGBANG

Friday, November 14, 2014

"Something Wicked This Way Comes..."

So...I may or may not be planning something for this upcoming "Fashion Week"...nothing official...something terribly underground and gorgeous like you'd expect....but something a little more "public" as it were...seemed like the right time to do it...and on my birthday week as well....Mr Eric Schmalenberger MAY be in cahoots with me as well....which will GUARANTEE it will be something EXTREMELY well as the cast of characters I'm sure to have helping me....

SO until's some inspiration I've been culling to help me....and remember....Winter isn't coming...its HERE!!!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

SALVATION: the Set List from my FIRST Halloween Party!

I was really honored to get to spin at Salvation last night and to kick off the start of what will be MANY Halloween parties....

I tried to play ALOT of "new" things as well as sprinkle in some classics for the kids....people danced and hopefully heard something new {and LOCAL} too!!!
So heres my set lists!!! thanks again Joe and Patrick!!! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!



Death Day: Dropped into obscurity
Screaming for Emily: Last goodbye
God Made the World: Cold Cave
Thirteen at Midnight: Other Passangers
I Wanna Be you: Your funeral
One Thousand Nights: the Hunt
Love Lies Bleeding: Thurgist


Mouth to Mouth: the Harrow
Broken English: Azar Swan
Song from the Edge of the World: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Don't Move: the Twilight Sad 
Performance: Tones on Tail
End of Days" Light Asylum
Kiss them for Me: School of Seven Bells

Saturday, June 21, 2014

the Secret Word is Tentacle!!!: An Unexpected Trip to the Stunning Home of Adam Wallacavage!!!!

{I CANNOT!!!!}

Somewhere between Alice in Wonderland...Pee Wee's PlayHouse and the Addams family lies the insanely mind-blowingly stunning house of the artist Adam Wallacavage!!!! 

My friend Gooby asked me "Do you want to go to Adam's with me Friday?!?!" And i thought ADAM Adam?!?!? and once he confirmed i JUMPED at the opportunity only to find out Jessica and Jared Joslin would be there too...Consider me DEAD!!!

{Needless to say i jumped at the opportunity!!!}

i was trying to play it cool as Gooby and I walked up to his house but my excitement was palpable!!! this was a house i had seen many photos of and have literally DREAMED of being inside and here i was on the threshold and i couldn't believe it!!!

Adam Greeted us with a warm smile and welcomed us in....

I really had NO IDEA what i was in store for...NO IDEA....

The house itself is GORGEOUS!!!! beautifully redone and restored....mostly by Adam and his friends.....amazingly detailed additions and fun surprises and moulding and chandeliers  and art EVERYWHERE!!!! A cavalcade and who's who of underground, outsider and pop surrealist art!!!! PLUS beautiful and copious amounts of Kitsch, taxidermy and beautiful creeps!!!!

This tiny downstairs bathroom seemed to stretch FOREVER and was covered in vintage plastic halloween masks!!!! i spent WAY too long in here!!!

I literally drooled over this original Camille Rose Garcia painting!! Who DOESNT love an octopus with a top hat!!! I MEAN....

Adam's beautiful chandeliers and lamps were abundant in every room!!! {as they SHOULD be!!!}

A familiar chair!!!!! Though mine isn't covered in taxidermy...YET....

Another view of the Camille!!!!

A Ray Ceaser


THIS i had to hug!!! Especially because i couldn't hug the one i saw in Camilles exhibit a few years ago!!!!

...Here there be DRAGONS!!!!

the "Jules Verne" room is one of the most photographed and most seen and from these few photos its very obvious WHY!!! Every detail is so caringly thought out and the color and patter just envelopes you....

a glowing open faced cabinet in the kitchen houses colorful kitsch 

another LARGE Ray Ceaser!!!

the Opium Room with its gorgeous Chineese Puzzle bed!!!!

Some beautifully creepy moments in the third floor studio hallway

Adams studio at night.....a shadowy view as not to reveal ALL the magic!!! but it was a pleasure to get to see his process and works in different states of completion....Always so interesting to see an artists process!!! THIS was such a privelege to get to see!!!! 

Siouxsie greeted us upon entering the studio and also lords over the kitchen!!!

the view downstairs...

the horned one

a simple chair...

another main room view...

beautiful moldings handmade and finished and installed by Adam himself!!!

this door has more artists on it than an issue of "Juztapoz'!!!!!!

Couldnr resist a Jules Verne Selfie!!!!!

you KNOW i was entranced by this light up moment on Adams back yard porch!!!

you KNOW i love a Humpty Dumpty!!!

THIS guy was a pleasant surprise!!!!!?!?!?

Seriously....More than was so amazing to spend some time with some truly inspirational artists...just hanging out...talking about ideas...and even just laughing and being silly!!! Adam is not ONLY a talented artist and artisan BUT he is also a sweet , funny and soft spoken man!!! He welcomed us into his home...showed us around and entertained us...a true host!!!! The Joslin's were equally amazing!!!! a]And it was a pleasure to also get to meet two other artists who I admire greatly and were also just wonderfully friendly and fun people!!!! AND i got to meet Gooby's AMAZING sister!!! it was a full day!!!! AND a magical day!!!!! My head is STILL reeling!!!!!

So thank you Adam for your art and for welcoming me into your home!!!! And THANK YOU GOOBY!!! Without whom none of this would be possible!!! You really DO know EVERYONE!!!!!

i will never forget this first experience of  getting to visit Adams home!!!! it was a dream come TRUE!!!!