Monday, May 5, 2014

"Sex Fifth Avenue" Set lists...Luring Disko Dollies to a Life of VICE...and Boy are my ARMS Tired......

{Oh the OPULENCE of it all}

What happens at "Sex Fifth Avenue" STAYS at "Sex Fifth Avenue" i won't get into the SORDID details of the night but I'm sure you can imagine!!!!

I mean it was truly everything i expected AND MORE!!!! Mutil levels multi sexual and music music MUSIC...beautiful people in various stages of UNdress and OVER dress.... Drinks Drugs and really DID feel like the old days!!!! in the BEST way possible!!!!!

AND i got to play some music that i LOVE but never get to!!! A mix of modern and retro...Gay House and Disko classics as well as some hip-hop and dance tracks that don't fit in tot he dark nights i usually DJ at...but i am multi faceted and this is music i also LOVE and love to dance to....

So a HUGE Thank you to KAYVON for enlisting me to DJ and trusting i would turn it OUT!!! and between me and JOHANNA i think we did just that!!!!

SO looking forward to next month and to some more swinging upside down from pipes!!!! {Interpret that as literally as you would like......} and enjoy my set lists!!!

Until next time Pervs!!!


[Doesn't EVERYONE DJ Like THIS?!?!?}


Wavvy: Mykki Blanco
Opulence: Brooke candy
Helen keller: cazwell and Manila Luzon
Amazing: Hi Fashion
Heart Ov Glass: product.01
Control: Spoek Mathambo
Porography {Zip Mix}: Client
Evil {Ewan Pearson Single Remix}: Ladytron
Love to Love you baby {feat Chris Cox}: Donna Summer
Hot Stuff: Boys from brazil
Your My Disco: Warldorf
Licky {Product.01 Mix}: Larry Tee And Princess Superstar
Biys and Girls {feat Dragonette}: MArtin Solveg
Move [Cut Copy Mix}: CSS

{SUBMIT TO US: Johanna and I}

{Severely Mame is all tied up}

Let the music Play: Shannon
My House:  Hercules and Love Affair
Cunty{the feeling}: Kevin Aviance
Get Huh {Kutz Mix}: Ride Committee
Good Beat: Dee Lite
White Lines: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Blind: Antony and the Johnsons
Looking for the perfect Beat: Africa Bambatta
XXOO {Fulton yard Mix}: MIA and Jay Z
White Horse{Tees Inbox Remix}: jessica 6

{Chad and Chris serving you SEXy}

{And me..swinging from pipes of all kinds...}