Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nothing but Shadows....

                                            “I knew nothing but shadows and I thought them to be real.” 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mr Finch: a Hand Stitched Menagerie

{I want it ALL!!!}

My friend Christopher sent me a link to Mr Finches work and before i even clicked it i KNEW i would LOVE it...the name alone sounded so charming and already evoked so much imagery....but i didn't realize how magical it would indeed be...

Crafted from vintage fabrics...old wedding gowns and curtains procured from sold decaying mansions and hotels...Mr Finch deftly creates animals that somehow are both stunningly and anatomically  correct...and also magical and filled with delight like an Arthur Rackham  illustration come to life!!!

Embroidery and velvet...furs and leathers and painstakingly sewn and stitched to created beautifully churchillian spiders.....specimens of dead birds looking forlorn and restful...masked rabbits....twisted spongy mushrooms.....Mounted fox heads on shining  vintage silver platters and bumble bees the size of ones hand!!!! {Just to name a few}....with an amazing eye and a meticulous sense of detail he breathes life into his sculptures and gives them each a personality....and a story to tell

As someone who has often been employed to make animals out of unusual things {paper, plastic forks, moss, and yes fabric}....i am stunned and revered at the skill with which Mr Finch employes to create these amazing pieces!!!!! He is as much a biologist as he is an artist...

So...Please take some time and get lost in these amazing creations...check out his site...and stalk his easy page to see when he posts won't be disappointed!!!


{THIS piece is one of my favorites!!!! i have such a soft spot for spiders and their webs......}