Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

PHANTASMA-GOREY 2011 :An Edward Gorey Halloween Brunch Spectacular

An Edward Gorey Halloween Brunch Spectacular
October 30, 2011 at The Highline Ballroom

This Halloween Eve, Dances of Vice returns with another dazzling all-star cast in an ominous Edward Gorey Brunch Spectacular that promises to be most elegantly deranged.
PhantasmaGorey 2011 features the live murder ballads of Beat Circus, admonitory aerial ballet by the captivating Jennifer Kovacs, beguiling burlesque by Miss Ruby Valentine and The Flying Fox, the enchanting Cassandra Rosebeetle, the fleeting footsteps of mischievous tap maven Gin Minsky of the infamous Minsky Sisters, and a special appearance by international sensation Johanna Constantine, with the devastatingly villainous vamp Miss Astrid as your mistress of ceremonies!

PUREVILE! also returns with another Gorey-inspired funereal fashion show of jewelry and accoutrement!

'....You Have to Pick Up Every Stitch....."


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"....There's Nothing Left........."

Always the last to know......

I literally peed in my pants when I saw this....{thanks Angel!!!} a candle-lit incense smoke filled dream come true...and we aren't even in EUROPE!!!!! This is what the set-list looks like.....

SET 1 (approx 40 minutes)
The Cure Trio - ROBERT SMITH: Voice & Guitar / SIMON GALLUP: Bass / JASON COOPER: Drums

>approx 15 minute changeover interval

SET 2 (approx 40 minutes)
The Cure Quartet - ROBERT SMITH: Voice & Guitar / SIMON GALLUP: Bass / JASON COOPER: Drums / ROGER O'DONNELL: Keys

>approx 15 minute changeover interval

SET 3 (approx 40 minutes)
'FAITH' (1981)
The Cure Quintet - ROBERT SMITH: Voice & Guitar / SIMON GALLUP: Bass / JASON COOPER: Drums / ROGER O'DONNELL: Keys & Percussion / LAURENCE TOLHURST: Keys & Percussion

>approx 5 minute interval

SET 4 (approx 30 minutes)
'ENCORES' of the period...

I mean what else can u say really....They were my life for so long...this is going to be a religious experience...counting the days......literally......


"...the table is RUMBLING............"

This is so BRILLIANT!!!!! I saw this on my friend Cameron's tumbr {} and HAD to share!!!! Unfortunately the guy who made these on etsy has closed up his shop!!!!! {Mike Maas}.....One of Morrisseys more dramatic and over the top videos and songs come to life in a little slice of pop culture ephemera!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Winter Wonderland.......

I dream about puts the BIGGEST smile on my face...I dance outside in it...and even at it's most inconvienient...i LOVE it...its like a soft static blanket covering eveything in amazingness...a cold sensual kiss from Mother Nature....a wintery dream come heart is racing just thinking about it......Snow....m forever love....

....these picture are taken through the my neighborhood in Queens...from my bedroom window...of Bryant park in Manhattan...and Calvary Cemetary in Queen as well....Please enjoy...and listen to this while you imagine the crystalline magic swirling around you....


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So...All you DISKO Dollies...get ready for the HORROR that is......

                                    DISKO NOUVEAUX: Spellbound Halloween Edition
                                                      October 8, 2011 10PM-4AM

Shien Lee and Wren Britton are pleased to announce the return of Dances of Vice’s dark and sexy sister party, DISKO NOUVEAUX!

... This Month Featuring:  

                                                            DJ PUREVILE!
                                                      "he's Mommy's Little Monster!!!"

                                                      DJ PATRICK (Salvation/Necromatic)
                                                            "He's your BEST Nightmare!!!"

                            DJ MICHAEL T (Oh! You Pretty Things/Motherfucker)
                                                "he'll make you shiver with antici......PATION"

                Spin New Romantic – New Wave – Gothic – Glam – Deathrock

                                                Your Host:SHIEN LEE (Dances of Vice)
                                                             "She's got CLAWS!!!!!!"

In anticipation of the arrival of Halloween, we are having a costume contest at 2AM! Prizes include:

- A special PUREVILE! jewelry piece

  - Tickets to Dances of Vice: Tokyo Blade Runner 10/16 at LPR

    - Full tickets to the New York Comic Con

So....for our {pre} HALLOWEEN party.....Come as your FAVE Halloween or New Wave ICON!!!! Elvira REALNESS..Jason vs Freddie....Cyndi vs Madonna....Cenobite GLAMOUR.....Texas chansaw MASCARA... Blitz Kids Couture...Steve Strange... Leigh Bowery Copy cats.....Addams Family vs Munsters....Give me TOYAH...give me LIQUID SKY...Give me FUZZBOX...Give me BOW WOW WOW.....Give me TIK and TOK....Give me any era BOWIE....Give me JOBRAITH for Gods sake!!!!!!...but give it GOOD girl and you may WIN!!!!!

Find us every 2nd Saturday of the month at The Gallery of Le Poisson Rouge!

The Gallery at LPR
158 Bleecker Street, NYC

$5 Cover, 21+ ID Required

Dress Code: Peacock Punks, Femme Fatales, Beat Boys, Dandy Highwaymen, Diamond Dogs, le Goth Classique, Neon Geishas, Ladies in Waiting, Sex Gang Children, Slinky Vagabonds, Chameleons, Young Sophisticates, Extraordinary Gentlemen, etc…

Monday, September 19, 2011

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I did ineed judge this book by the cover just called out to me.....Just the kind of thing I love...filled with tin types and old photographs of mysetrious children with strange powers....a young adult book...but intended for all...and I mean thats never stopped me before.....I cannot WAIT to delve into it's Mystery!!!!

"A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. And a strange collection of very curious photographs.
It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience."

Amazingly enough this book came with a "Preview"....I will include it here for your viewing pleasure...and i'm sure you will be as entranced as I was.....

This is the kind of thing that make my stomach turn in knots...makes me want to climb up the nearest tree and just read until the sun goes down and my eyes are straining for light.....perfect......

So go check it out...and buy it perhaps...but do me a favour...go to that nice independent bookstore near your house or by your job...the one your always scared may close {like St Marks Books} and pick it up from there... because too soon they may be as rare as invisible boys and floating girls......



Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Artist Spotlight

So I have this friend.....he likes Lady GaGa and Tones on Tail....he can sing a few Queen songs and likes vintage Tom and Jerry cartoons..He's close friend with Shannon from "Light Asylum"...and is known in most bars and Brunch hot spots in Williamsburg.......He's a pretty amazing...OH....did I mention he' in Pre-K!?!?!?!?

My friends Jessica and Gerald have this AMAZING son Auden..and he's quite a little character....He loves going through my bag and he talks endlessly and is full of the kind of childish curiousity I just ADORE...I don"t get to see my own nephews too much at all so it's so amazingly warming when he calls me "Uncle Wren".....

So Auden likes electronics...cell name he got a hold of my camera and THESE were the results!!! better than most stuff i've seen at P.S. 1 i tell you!!!! So here you are...Audens view of the world!!!!

P.S. Play THIS while you lok...It's one of his FAVE songs!!!!


Through a Looking Glass Darkly....Nicola Formachetti vs. BOFFO


Lights are flashing and music is are screaming and everywhere I look there are refelctions of spikes and leather...rubber and hair...teeth and glass...and COVERED in them...So either i"m having somekind of a flashback or I'm in Nicola Formachettis Pop-Up Shop in Tribeca.....

{Val just LOVES these shoes! heh!}

it's a clusterfuck really....but an amazing one at that....a store that seems to be a reflection {literally} of whats inside his mind....Multi-talented....Multi dimentional...and really sweet and soft spoken!! I was lucky enough to be there on a day HE was there and got to chat with him for a bit!!!! {thanks to Jessica one of my unoffical "personal assistants"} Even got to give him my card.....{fingers crossed}....
He was complimentary and seemed really interested in my work.....

The idea of the space is actually pretty cool...a designer teams up with an archetect and every 2 weeks a new pop up shop is created...a totally new enviornment created from the ideas of both parties...a uniquely innovative idea......the name of the company is "BOFFO".... they are interested in introducing cutting edge designers with new and original archetecture...very curious about what they come up with next!!!!

I actually went BACK today to pick up one of Nicola's "Panda Zombie" rings...couldn't get this cute little guy out of my mind so he came home with me....

So if u get a chance go check out the's only up until thursday so HURRY....and be sure to check out the other shops in the space...I know I will!!!!

and here's a little soundtrack for the shop...One of the Lady's more "creepsie" offerings.....enjoy!!!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Black and White and HAUTE all Over: Daphne Guiness @ F.I.T.

I'm SO totally into being a man...but SERIOUSLY...after the Daphne Guiness exhibit at F.I.T i am ready to get a sex change and have some ribs removed!!!! was a walk through the looking glass into the best closet EVER!!!!!! Nothing so gobsmackingly outrageous...just amazing fashions styled impeccably and with  fantastic personal touches....punk rock pants from Camden markets get paired with McQueen and Chanel.....real vintage finds its way pinned onto Gareth Pugh....and masks and eyepatches become viable accessories...I mean how can you not LOVE this woman....I have allready seen it TWICE {in one day...} and ran into a woman i saw at the first day of the McQueen exhibit!!!! I'm sure it won't get as crazy as that...and it's nowhere near as spectacular...but WELL worth seeing...Trust!!!!

F.I.T. did a great job curating it and the set up is something that they haven't done before...and honestly it looks amazing!!!! Other than the bad "Halloween Adventure" Bride of Frankenstein wigs everything was spot on!!!! {and apparently Holograms are the new black!!!}

So what are you waiting's FREE!!!! Go!!!!