Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"the Lady Para Norma"

THIS looks like a fun little short film...I mean DUH the little goth boy inside is jumping up and down at the potential of how cool this may be...its like Lydia Deets meets Coriline meets Nightmare before Christmas get the picture.....

Here's a brief synopsis: "Estranged from the rest of the townsfolk, an eccentric lady is haunted by ghostly whispers that grow louder with each passing day. Obsessed with a need to know why they beckon her, she follows their eerie call to an unusual happily ever after. Written and directed by award-winning illustrator and director Vincent Marcone (My Pet Skeleton, The Facts In the Case of Mister Hollow) and narrated by pop icon Peter Murphy (Bauhaus, Twilight: Eclipse), THE LADY PARANORMA pioneers a new technique in digital animation to deliver a rare visual poem dedicated to the weird inside all of us."

So keep an eye our for this dark little gem...{as I surely will}...until then...enjoy these little teaser trailers!!!! {P.S. am I the ONLY one that got douche chills from the fact that of ALL Peter Murphys achievements "TWILIGHT" islisted SECOND!?!?!?! oh what a world.....}


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