Sunday, July 29, 2012

Up Above: Jobriath's apartment at the Chelsea Hotel

On the roof of the Chelsea Hotel is an amazing pyramid apartment where Jobraith lived...and died....It is an amazing piece of NY history and is one of the most magical things i have seen in NYC....if your standing in front of the hotel it is directly in the center above the entrance.....its just so quaint...a small refuge from the busy city....I was extremely excited when i had found out about this little treasure.....

However.......I heard a rumor that during the "renovation" of the hotel that this will be getting gutted...I really hope not..... 

So continuing with my Jobraith theme....Heres he is as his other alter ego "Cole Berlin" performing an amazing song about New York City.... INSIDE the apartment...a small rare glimpse inside this magical place...


AN Elegant Man.....

Jobraith...tells you what kind of man he is...what kind of man many of us are.....elegant men!!! who shamelessly love other so many he was ahead of the curve and his light burned out so soon...but he will always live on....Lonely Planet Boy...


I maman
So I'm an elegant man
I'm a man
Clara bowes and open toes
Are what I am
Yes I maman
Yea I'm a fragile man
I'm a man
Light of step and soft of touch
A gentle man
You know I could love you
But if I should love you
Then I would love you
The way a man loves a woman
And live my life like been livin' it
My body claims my mind and soul so let me be
What I am
An elegant man
Yes I maman
So I'm a graceful man
I'm a man
Pierrots and spaceous clothes
Are what I am
You know I could love you
But if I should love you
Then I would love you
The way a man loves a woman
And live my life like been livin' it
My body claims my mind and soul so let me be
What I am
An elegant man
Yes I maman and I could love you

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ms Candymann if your NASTY!!!!

My friend Candice is so lovely...she has a timeless face that is so adaptable and can change on a whim...her clothing choices are always spot on and she makes mere magic with make up...she ALWAYS looks dazzling even wearing her creations on the SUBWAY!!! no backpacks for HER!!!! She is always real even in the daytime...

theses photos by Ona Tzar  capture something simply  amazing...the magic spark that is a beautiful old tintype found at the flea market or a hand colored photographs from a decaying album...these photos made me shiver in their beauty!!!! 


No GDM {?}

Someone once told me not to do personal posts on my blog...just to keep it light and sexy and fashion and dark...well i just can't...i mean this is a public forum for a REASON...and sometimes you have to vent...even if its just to the electronic masses staring at their own flickering blue screens in their own apartments....and because maybe...just maybe...even one person understands....

Ive really been feeling the need to find someone connect on a romantic level...i had many friends and my life is filled with so much love and i want for nothing in THAT way....but true love eludes me...always has...Ive had boyfriends in the past but really only a couple....literally.....I have a hard time finding someone to truly connect with.....

In the past i had always been all  about Princes and white horses sweeping me off my I'm not downplaying  things buit i am a realist as much as i like fantasy...I want someone to laugh wityh and cry be lazy with and go to the flea market talk to about nothing and to read with in silence...someone who knows i hate peppers and olives but i have a weakness for iccream....that i like to be silly and LOVE trash TV but i also love darkness and the balance it brings...that i love to talk but i also love my silent times....see nothing about looks or anything...thats all too simple...i mean there needs to be attraction but i refuse to bog myself down with such specific aesthetic choices!!! "Bear"..."twins" thank you...I like to fall in love with the person...

and theres been some romantic leanings lately....peaks of interest...but sometimes as bold as i am i am paralyzed by fear when it comes to romance......but its nice to find someone who seems to get you...who is interested...someone who may even reciprocate....that would indeed be nice....makes me smile just thinking about it...but even here its hard for me to reveal things fully....and then u feel the doubt and all the questions and you don't act the same and you worry and become withdrawn or you try to hard or not at all and maybe you scare them off but its exciting and it feels amazing but the will lose you sleep.....but its worth it somehow isn't it?!?!?!?

SO Quentin Crisp once said that the gay mans dream of a perfect man a 'GDM" {Great Dark MAn} is impossible because what the gay {femme} man wants is a butch [straihght} man and all a straight man wants is women and will never really love a man even if he has sex with like to think times have changed and as much as i ADORE Mr Crisp...I hope he's KNOW he's wrong...

So here are some love songs...for me ...for you....for "YOU"...and for everyone out there who's in love or searching for it like me.....maybe one day we will have the courage to reach out to each other.....maybe one day we will all get what we desire.....until then...


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


portraits in greyscale...shadows falling across your face and caressing your life in the small of someones back...or their knee....tracing the lines of ink just below the skin with your feels a a kick.....


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Video Games: Boy George {le Sigh}

God i love Boy George...and when he does something RIGHT....dear god its SO RIGHT!!! This cover is delicious especially since I'm so not familiar with the original...he infuses it with such soul and longing....i just keep watching it.....and to make it even better are the lovely lovelies starring in the video!!! Ms Angel Rose and Ceser Polini...both of whom help make the video more delicious and haunting...I don't know who i love more...the voluptuous horror that is Ms Rose like a mash-up of Siouxsie and Beth Ditto!!! She is a VISION...or the broodingly sweet and scruffy Ceser...i mean those eyes...that smile....{melt}

So thank you Boy George...{and my friend DUSTY}....for giving me this video to lift my spirits and make me cry a bit...


Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Only After Dark" the Tale of a Photoshoot


So I was asked by my friend Renee Mosoomian {BabyLove's Latex:} to be included in a photo shoot of her work and the work of Gerrold Vincent...with an amazing photographer Peter Martinez and the hottest of NYC's hot models including some of my friends {i.e. Johanna Constantine and Anna!!!}...including iconic NYC hotties MAtthew Camp {also a designer}, Johnny Sanford and Blake Tysinger and singer Jeanie Moss....and my lovely friend Ms CAndy Knickers on the hair tip!!!!!..I was excited to say the least!!! So many talented and ferociously hot people all woking be a hard not to jump on this!!!!!

It was an all day event that i jumped in mid way affair that was planned to end at 10 that went on WELL into the witching hour...but thats how the process works doesn't it!?!?!?!

I saw some of the preview photos and they looked STUNNING!!! The combination of our styles was incredible and although we all do different things we pull from the same influences so the pieces worked so WELL together!!!!! I cannot WAIT to show you all the photos as soon as they are done....

MEANWHILE...please enjoy my sometimes blurry behind the scenes shenanigans!!!! UNFORTUNATEY due to the lateness of the day my gas mask did not get shot {next time} HOWEVER we did get a few BEHIND the scenes shots of it so don't worry AT ALL!!!! {Thanks Matthew!!!!}

So enjoy.....and below i included a list of everyone involved just in case i forgot anyone!!!! Ill post the real photos as soon s they are available!!!!



                                                                         Production Coordinator:
                                                                               Gerrold Vincent

                                                                           Johanna Constantine
                                                                               Anna Amalthea
                                                                                  Jeanie Moss
                                                                               Matthew Camp
                                                                               Blake Tysinger                                                                               Johnny Sanford

                                                                              Prissy Daugherty
                                                                               Candy Knickers

                                                                               Frances Eugenia

                                                                                 Wren Britton

                                                                           Renee Masoomian
                                                                            Gerrold Vincent

                                                                             Peter Martinez

                                                                              Set Designer:
                                                                             Rhys Chapman 





The things {wet} dreams are made of!!!!

{Johnny, Blake, Matthew}


This shot reminded me of the Vampires in Near Dark


{behind the scenes}

{Eat your MAke-Up}

                                                                                 {Mr Camp}


{One of Gerrolds STUNNING pieces!!!} 

{Ladies in Waiting}

{Rubber Sex Love Boyz: Johnny & Blake!}

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DISKO NOVEAUX JULY SETLIST: GIGILO, HUH SUCKKA!!!! wasn't our BIGGEST crowd ever...but in THIS case it was QUALITY over QUANTITY!!!! The few the proud the DANCING!!! Its actually the MOST I have personally danced at a DISKO EVER!!! So thats saying something...and in a CORSET!!! {You know how i roll!!!}

SO THANK YOU to My partner Shien who looked scandalously FABULASH!!!! To SAndra for being the most lovely door guardian!!! For my guest DJ's MIZ MARGO!!! HI FI HILLARY!!! And to PATRICK for cabbing it over from SALVATION to keep a promise!!!! EVERYONES sets were so much fun and full of energy and diverse just like DISKO should be!!!!!

So read...enjoy...and maybe come next time and DANCE YOUR ASES OFF!!!!


Greta X- Adam Ant
Teenage Kicks-the Undertones
Mile high club- Bow Wow Wow
Barbarella-the Bongos
iI want to be free- Toyah
Synchro- Charles de Goal
the late mistake- Comateens
Cambodia- Kim Wilde
Anonymous- SSQ
True Love Tales- Anne Clark
Two minute warning- Depeche Mode
Decay {12' remix}- Figures on a Beach

Big Mess-Devo
Homosapien- Pete Shelly
Give Me back my MAn {PArty Remix}- B52's
Luxury- Frank Tovey
A MAn could get lost- Soft Cell
Rock and roll is dead- Kings HAve Long Arms {with Phil Oakey}
Temptation- Heaven 17
Vanity Kills- ABC 
We Move- Visgae
the Thin Wall{Single Version}- Ultravox
Last chance on the stairway- Duran Duran

Good Bye bad times- Phil Oakey/ Giorgio Moroder
Sister Marie Says- OMD
Hello- Beloved
Buffalo Stance- Neneh Cherry
I get excited {you get excited too}- Pet Shop Boys
Supernature {Willam Orbit Mix}- Erasure


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Polly Fey: Beautiful Twisted Beauty!!!!

Through most of the 90's I was SO obsessed with Polly Fey...such a breath of fresh air in the modeling world...I became aware of her though Pierre et Gilles initially but then began to see hew everywhere...Like a darker more alien vernon of Eve {one of my OTHER favorite models}...Polly seemed fully emerged in the subcultures she emulated with her look...her razor shorn head...her piercings and tattoos.....Even now in a world full of people emulating this look she STILL looks so stunning and fresh!!!!

a true twisted beauty.....