Sunday, July 15, 2012

DISKO NOVEAUX JULY SETLIST: GIGILO, HUH SUCKKA!!!! wasn't our BIGGEST crowd ever...but in THIS case it was QUALITY over QUANTITY!!!! The few the proud the DANCING!!! Its actually the MOST I have personally danced at a DISKO EVER!!! So thats saying something...and in a CORSET!!! {You know how i roll!!!}

SO THANK YOU to My partner Shien who looked scandalously FABULASH!!!! To SAndra for being the most lovely door guardian!!! For my guest DJ's MIZ MARGO!!! HI FI HILLARY!!! And to PATRICK for cabbing it over from SALVATION to keep a promise!!!! EVERYONES sets were so much fun and full of energy and diverse just like DISKO should be!!!!!

So read...enjoy...and maybe come next time and DANCE YOUR ASES OFF!!!!


Greta X- Adam Ant
Teenage Kicks-the Undertones
Mile high club- Bow Wow Wow
Barbarella-the Bongos
iI want to be free- Toyah
Synchro- Charles de Goal
the late mistake- Comateens
Cambodia- Kim Wilde
Anonymous- SSQ
True Love Tales- Anne Clark
Two minute warning- Depeche Mode
Decay {12' remix}- Figures on a Beach

Big Mess-Devo
Homosapien- Pete Shelly
Give Me back my MAn {PArty Remix}- B52's
Luxury- Frank Tovey
A MAn could get lost- Soft Cell
Rock and roll is dead- Kings HAve Long Arms {with Phil Oakey}
Temptation- Heaven 17
Vanity Kills- ABC 
We Move- Visgae
the Thin Wall{Single Version}- Ultravox
Last chance on the stairway- Duran Duran

Good Bye bad times- Phil Oakey/ Giorgio Moroder
Sister Marie Says- OMD
Hello- Beloved
Buffalo Stance- Neneh Cherry
I get excited {you get excited too}- Pet Shop Boys
Supernature {Willam Orbit Mix}- Erasure


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