Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ms Candymann if your NASTY!!!!

My friend Candice is so lovely...she has a timeless face that is so adaptable and can change on a whim...her clothing choices are always spot on and she makes mere magic with make up...she ALWAYS looks dazzling even wearing her creations on the SUBWAY!!! no backpacks for HER!!!! She is always real even in the daytime...

theses photos by Ona Tzar  capture something simply  amazing...the magic spark that is a beautiful old tintype found at the flea market or a hand colored photographs from a decaying album...these photos made me shiver in their beauty!!!! 



  1. Sooo Beautiful! I was always so jealous of how put together Candace is! It must be such hard work, being the loveliest lady in all of Prettytown!

    Awesome photography also!