Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sex on Fifth Ave at the Museum of SEX! : PUREVILE! Set Lists!!!

So...after much DRAMA and re grouping and remaining ,  "Sex on Fifth Ave" is BACK at the "Museum of Sex" as a weekly party filled with sexy debauchery!!! dancing, drinks, tours of the museum and a bouncy Boob house?!?!? What else can you ask for!!!!

Its a lot different from the dark sexy affair that is "Dorian Gray" heres some samples of set lists I've played...its dancy and queer ,its sexy Disko and gay retro house as well as new elektro and even a little hip hop flavored dance......

So CUM by...throw on something SEXY...{OR take something OFF} and help us put the SEX back in the City!!!


{PS these are all sets from different nights!!!!}

Its Over: Hungry Wives
Sweet Tea: Le1f
Chasing Time: Azealia banks
White Horse {tees inbox remix}: Jessica 6
Blind: Hercules and Love Affair
Good Boys {Blow Up Mix}: Blondie
Feed the Horse: Faggit Fairys
Deep in Vogue {Banjee Realness}: Malcom McLaren
Silent Morning: Noel
Just Like a Queen {Share the Throne Mix}: Ellis D
Runaway: Dee-Lite
Queens English {Royal CLub Mix}: Jose Luis
Express yourself {Sheps Mix}: Madonna
Shady Love {feat Krystal Pepsi}: Scissor Sisters
Situation{Richard X mix}: Yaz
Give Me tonight: Shannon
Looking for the Perfect Beat: Afrika baambaata

Im Not MAdonna: Hi Fashion
Supafreak: Amanda Blank
212: Azelia Banks
Helen Keller: Cazwell & MAnila Luzon
Big and bad: Kid Sisiter
Evil {remix}: Ladytron
Overdose: Tomcraft
Shut Up and Sleep With Me: Sin with Sebastian
Marina Do Bario: Bonde Do Role
Pretty Girls: Stuffa and Andy
Move {Cut Copy mix}: CSS
Universal Mind Control: Common
Licky: Larry tee feat Princess Superstar

Cunty: Rageous Project
My House: Hercules and Love Affair
Give Me Tonight: Shannon
over powered: Roisin Murphy
F for You: Disclosure 6
Venus {marc almond mix}: Bananarama
I don't Feel Like Dancin {Linus remix}: Scissor Sisters
Your Gunna Want Me: Tiga
Fantastic Baby: BIGBANG

Friday, November 14, 2014

"Something Wicked This Way Comes..."

So...I may or may not be planning something for this upcoming "Fashion Week"...nothing official...something terribly underground and gorgeous like you'd expect....but something a little more "public" as it were...seemed like the right time to do it...and on my birthday week as well....Mr Eric Schmalenberger MAY be in cahoots with me as well....which will GUARANTEE it will be something EXTREMELY well as the cast of characters I'm sure to have helping me....

SO until's some inspiration I've been culling to help me....and remember....Winter isn't coming...its HERE!!!