Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dan Beckemeyer:Macabre Felt

Felt/Felting can be such a bad word...especially in the industry i work in....its just EVERYWHERE.....So often overwrought...overused...or overly "cute"...but this...THIS is something truly inspired!!!! Thank you Dan Beckmeyer for doing something truly amazing and interesting with an overused medium!!!


Elsa Mora: Like a Little world on Your Finger....

Elsa Mora is an amazingly talented paper artist creating fantastical silhouette style artwork based on Tales of the Brothers Grim and other such fairytales...Her detail is just breathtakingly insane and I became particularly enamored with her jewelry!!! These stunning paper rings are so amazingly delicate and beautiful and the necklace based on a Frida Kahlo painting is so inspired!!! I saw these and just fell in love....She DOES have an etsy shop so who knows...one day i may even own one of these....like a little world on your finger....


McQueen S/S 2012: Off With Their heads....

Some beautifully blood red blooms from the McQueen S/S 2012 collection.....Wicked and winsome...they have me dreaming of wonderland.......these are truly some of the more delicate an delicious pieces from the collection....hopefully they will make it to the store and i can see them IN PERSON!!!

until then....dreams...


Feet like Teeth:Iris Van Herpen

Somewhere between a centipede and a million toothed beastie right from nightmare land....I am dying for these little lovelies from Ms Herpen......

So frightenigly delicious!!!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

the Blackest of Lips: an Early Look at Antony and the Johnsons

I dont know how i can have went this long without ever seeing this!!!An amazing short documentary about the early days of the Johnsons....a private little insight into the development of an amazing group of performers!!!!  After just seeing Antony perform at Radio City it was amazing to take a little look back where it all began!!!! A true and pure artist!!!!!!


P.S. also an amazing little piece of history...Antony and Johanna at the Leigh Bowery memorial!!! BRILLIANT!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012


So despite some unnerving technical diffuculties...{yikes}...the January edition of DISKO NOUVEAUX went very very well!!! Once again a thank you to DJ's PATRICK and MIZ MARGO for playing some mind-numbingly amazing sets as usual!!!!!

So...without further adeiu is my slightly fractured setlist from the night!!! And remember FEBRUARY DISKO is my BIRTHDAY!!!!! So get ready for an EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!!

Damned dont cry-Visage
Heat- Soft Cell
Watch Me Bleed- Tears for Fears
Darling Dont Lave Me-Robert Gorl
Still Life in Mobile Homes-Japan
Told You So- Depeche Mode
Love Parasite- Fad gadget
It's Only You {Mein Schmerts}- Lene Lovich
Desperate but not Serious-Adam Ant

Ways to an End- Mirrors
Breaking Up- images in Vogue
Whats a Girl to Do-Cristina
Cool Blue-Eurythmics
Be a Boy-Gina X
Hyperactive!-Thomas Dolby

{mini sets after the techno glitch}

Subculture-New Order
Fascinated- Company B
Let the Music Play-Shannon
Hit that Perfect Beat-Bronski Beat
Dancing in heaven {Orbital Be-Bop}- Q-Feel

19-Paul Hardcastle
Walking Away- information Society
Slang teacher-Wide Boy Awake
Beg Your Pardon-Kon Kan

{Last Song}

Dancing with tears in my eyes-Ultravox!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dark and Delicate

          Beautiful and delicate bat necklace by   MiyuDecay on Etsy ...Some thing lovely to wrap around your tender throat......



Thursday, January 19, 2012

the Black Casette


Ms. NOIR if Your nasty!!!!

Perle Noir...Burlesque diva...and downright fierce lady....We have only been recently acquainted but I allready feel much much love for her...Shes 3 things i LOVE in a woman...She's Bold...Shes Beautiful and shes Boisterous!!!!! And she is ALWAYS serving you realness....Just like in this video she recently posted on my Facebook page...witness...how the lovely Ms Perle Noir wakes up every morning!!!



blk Water: Goth Juice or Just a Hoax?!?!?!?

yes...i truly am a sucker...I had heard rumour of this and just wanted to check it out myself...and yes I did hope that maybe it tasted...different...i dont know like what...maybe like 1,000 years of suffering...like a cold winters night...like the "tears of Robert Smith"...but really its just water in some "clever" packaging....it IS a brainfuck to be drinking ....well......PLAIN WATER that is black......but other than that....nothing that cool.....Oh well...not the first time my curiosity got the best of me...


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obsessed: Sam Webb


I dont know....theres something in his face that reminds me of a young Tony Ward...all sexy and confident with a little glint of mischief in those dark smoldering eyes...that just look right through you.....



the Sound of a Chainsaw Gently Fucking You: A Heathers Memoir

I mean...are you pulling my dick!?!?!?!?!?

Most definately one of my favourite movies EVER......One of the most quoteable as well....I mean its just so VERY........and as legend has it my friends and I knew this movie by heart and that we used to do it almost Rocky Horror style reciting each and every line.....to those also in the know it was endeering...to others annoying im sure....Its one of thoses things that you love SO MUCH and is so much a part of you I almost dont even need to watch it anymore because it is a part of me....Every movie after {especially a "teen" one} has been held against "Heathers" as a barometer of how cool it is....I also use it as a barometer for friends.....

So i was hoping i didnt have a brain tumour for breakfast when i heard about this book...one part movie critique one part a lifelong obsession with "Heathers" {a man after my own heart} its short...its sweet but succinct in its iterpretations...it's funny and personal...and DARK...just like the movie....it evben filled in some blanks and made some connections i had no idea about because allthough i love movies I am NOT a film geek!!!!

So weather your a Betty Finn.. a Martha Dumptruck...Or a Heather Chandeller herself...This little book is definately worht reading especially if your as OBSESSSED as I am...and anyway it's WAY more fun than that stupid lunchtime poll...