Saturday, January 7, 2012

PUREVILE!: a Reflection

So i just wanted to take a moment and do some inventory and say some thank yous and count my's really been an amazing year for PUREVILE! So many amazing events...So many amazing people...So many things to be thankful for and so much further to go....

I was lucky enough to be on "Oddities" the show about one of my favourtite store is NYC...and maybe the world that i know of so far!!! I was feature in a few magazines including my apartment in Time Out NY....which was pretty thrilling!!! i got interviewed {though the feature isnt up yet} for {}...and had a truly amazing experience with the ladies there!!!!! I finally got carried in 2 stores!!! One on this coast called "Old Hollywood"{} and one on the left coast called "Five&Diamond"{} AND had a super fun and successful trunk show there!!!! ALSO on the left coast i did the "Edwardian Ball" which was not only a dream of mine to vend at but just to simply GO!!!! DISKO NOUVEAUX started again with my inspirational friend Shien Lee {}and has been going strong {and I've been DJ'ing around NYC as well whenever i am gven the chance!!}!!!! i also had the pleasure of doing another PhantasmaGOREY fashion show with her this Halloween...and i participated in both the BANZAII art show and a funraiser for my FAVE magazine COILHOUSE {} and meet the LOVELY ladies who run it!!!! I have met so so many new people...made some amazing contacts with other designers...grew as a brand...made some mistakes...learned alot of lessons...and also made some great strides!!!! It isn't easy starting a small business in a terrible economy and when your also having to go to a full time job as alot of work a HUGE commitment and NO SLEEP!!!! but Fuck if it isnt SO WORTH IT!!!! My kitchen/studio looks like Metaliferous and thMuseumof Natural History blew up n there but I really secretly LOVE IT {though a REAL studio space wouldn't hurt!!!}

i also have me of the most amazing Friends...i always say PUREVILE! is a one man company but by NO MEANS do do it alone!!!! Everyone  know is such a HUGE part of it and everyone does what they can and usual FOR FREE {or whatever jewelry I give them!!!}I wanted to have a running list of people here but i fear my enfeebled mind may forget someone and send me into a shame spiral...So instead i make a blanked "Thank You" to all that have helped me vend...modeled...dug through Flea market tables with me....packed my car...took my insane rambling phone calls and helped calm me set up my website....and those who have simply been ALL are a HUGE part of what I motivate inspire me....and you remind me why i do this....Thank you eternally from the bottom of my heart for being a MAJOR part of PUREVILE!'s growth and success!!!

So heres to an amazing year...and heres to another one to come i hope....i still have big plans and bigger dreams...theres so much i still want to do and so many more people to meet and places to go.....However.....I am SO SO GRATEFUL for all that i have and for everything that i have achived so far.....PUREVILE!....the seed of a dream i had in Higschool (over 20 years ago now!}...that has grow over the years into a reality....sometimes I still cannot belive it.....that some nerdy kid from Long Isaland that loved fashion and Edward Gorey could atually do something like this.....My heart is very very full!!!!

Also please enjoy this small collection of photos I have here...most {the professional ones} are by Marlo Gamora{} one of the amazing friends I mentioned above an d a talented photographer as well!!!! The others are by me or friends...just a little visual representation of the people and the events of the year!!!!

and agin...thank you all for all your support...and don't worry...theres MUCH MORE to come!!!!


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