Saturday, September 29, 2012


So with Halloween ...Dances of Vice Phantasmagorey {vending AND Fahion Show!!!}...another new vending opportunity AND BUST just around the corner {IF i get in} this is truly the busiest time of the year for me...So ill spent most of it huddled in my cramped studio {...ahem...KITCHEN}....creating PUREVILE! style if i don't come out as often...and if i look all exhausted when you DO see'll know why...and i hope it will all be worth it...{although it ALWAYS is!!!} really trying to push the envelope on some of these and i hope it shows!!!!

SO please enjoy the previews of the beginnings of the fruits of my labour!!! and text me or call or something everyone and awhile just to make sure I'm still ok!!!


P.S. SOME of these are /were works in progress and had finishing touches added after.....

"Release the Hounds"

"Love needs No Disguise"

"Along the Garden Path"

"Into a Swan"

"Who Killed Mr. Moonlight"

"the Sacred and the Profane"

"She Knows Many Secrets"

"Midnights Sweet Epiphany"

"Old Scratch"

"Prince of Darkness"

"Mina's Dream"

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cyndi Lauper: Patron Saint of Weirdos

Cyndi Lauper means so much to me...She means so much to me that sometimes i don't like to talk about it because i don't want people to like her as much as i do...i want her all to myself....She is my saviour after all...she was so many things to me at so many different points in my life...but mainly and in different ways...she taught me the courage to be myself no matter what...and no matter what anyone says....she taught me to reach down inside and let that light glow so bright that maybe people won't understand and maybe they will make fun of me...throw rocks at me...and mercilessly tease me....and she taught me that through all that to hold my head high and keep going forward while they all lag behind....because really...those of us who are truly "different"....we've been this way all our lives...from childhood....and no matter how much you try to hide in the normal world...they can smell you.....and they will torture you WORSE for trying to be one of don't ...EVER.....

The funny thing about this photo is it looks like one i took  WAY  back in 1994 ish i met Cyndi Lauper with my brother...We had gone to see her concert the night before and were out all night...then went home just to change and go get on line at HMV or something to get her cd "12 deadly Cyns" signed...I was beside was my first time meeting her and i couldn't even breathe...every moment stretched on forever and when i got up there i started crying and shaking...and Cyndi took my hand and said in her bold Queens accent "HEY, its gonna be ok"...

Funny thing about that is...thats what she had been telling me all along.....and you know what she was right

So i have had the opportunity to meet her a few times over the years...telling her small and brief bits of my when she hugged me after i told her the solace her voice gave me after my aunt was killed on 9/11....but i wish i could have shared more...because she shared so much of herself with me...{well with US...{but like i said Im selfish with my Cyndi}.....but i was honored this time to get to REALLY hear about her life during an interview about her Memoir at the 92nd street was amazing to finally fill in the blanks of a life led by someone so headstrong and coin a phrase...UNUSUAL.....and yes...she truly still is.....

So if you get the chance and are interested...get the book...and read about someone who is a true artist...and a true individual...and get a little insight into what this woman has meant to an singer...and as a an icon.....

Thank you Cyndi...for saving my life ...for giving me a reason to live...and for a soundtrack to that life!!!! Im forever grateful.....


Happy Monday....

I can't remember if I posted this series of photos yet or not..but really...who the FUCK cares!!! this guy is HOTT!!!! Happy Monday!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feeling Zombified?!?!?!?

DO they make this in life size????? 

And don't bother looking...they are totally sold out....I can't even IMAGINE what they are going for on ebay.....woof..But a boy can dream.....


Monday, September 10, 2012


KPOP...YUMMY!!!!! like a handful of jellybeans washed down with a slurpee that smells like cotton candy covered in spikes....MMMMMmmmmmmmm....How can you resist!!!!!

So Im not going to say I'm an expert...I mean I've barely scratched the surface of what I'm sure is an intriguing death of music and style but I have really been enjoying my expiration into KPOP!!!! Its bright , its shiny, its loud, its colorful, its androgynous and confusing and i LOVE IT!!! Styled to the teeth and singing half Korean and half English I smile my way through every song and GASP like a little girl at each outfit change or flip of hair!!!

A king on a throne with a 200foot long weave...a fierce voguer surrounded by bondage animal dancers....Femme boys singinging love songs to girls.....shirtless hairless boys with fake tattoos...Chanel,Gareth Pugh, Chrome Hearts, Balenciaga to name a few....and my personal have, a gangsta with finger waves????? YES!!!! KPOP has all that AND MORE!!!!!! Please believe me!!!!!

Like I said i haven't explored ALOT...but i just wanted to post some of my faves so far...So sit your mind....and get read for a kaleidoscopic explosion of feral musical fashion!!!


                                    P.S. Thanks Johanna for starting my obsession!!!

Wilde Boyz

"The wild boys are calling on their way back from the fire
                                      In August moon's surrender to a dust cloud on the rise
                                   Wild boys fallen far from glory, reckless and so hungered
                                     On the razors edge you trail because there's murder
                                              By the roadside in a sore afraid new world"

                                                              Wild Boys: Duran Duran

Armor and Makeup: Gerrold Vincent
Jocks and "Headwear": PUREVILE!
Photo: Peter Martinez
Models: Matthew Camp and Johnny Sanford
Stylist: Francis Eugenia


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Things From the Forest Die Here....."

"Things from the forest die here
But I don't
Dead forest things are offered here
But I'm not"
Cocteau Twins

                                                       Lynne Collins, The Edge of Perception