Monday, September 10, 2012


KPOP...YUMMY!!!!! like a handful of jellybeans washed down with a slurpee that smells like cotton candy covered in spikes....MMMMMmmmmmmmm....How can you resist!!!!!

So Im not going to say I'm an expert...I mean I've barely scratched the surface of what I'm sure is an intriguing death of music and style but I have really been enjoying my expiration into KPOP!!!! Its bright , its shiny, its loud, its colorful, its androgynous and confusing and i LOVE IT!!! Styled to the teeth and singing half Korean and half English I smile my way through every song and GASP like a little girl at each outfit change or flip of hair!!!

A king on a throne with a 200foot long weave...a fierce voguer surrounded by bondage animal dancers....Femme boys singinging love songs to girls.....shirtless hairless boys with fake tattoos...Chanel,Gareth Pugh, Chrome Hearts, Balenciaga to name a few....and my personal have, a gangsta with finger waves????? YES!!!! KPOP has all that AND MORE!!!!!! Please believe me!!!!!

Like I said i haven't explored ALOT...but i just wanted to post some of my faves so far...So sit your mind....and get read for a kaleidoscopic explosion of feral musical fashion!!!


                                    P.S. Thanks Johanna for starting my obsession!!!

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