Saturday, September 29, 2012


So with Halloween ...Dances of Vice Phantasmagorey {vending AND Fahion Show!!!}...another new vending opportunity AND BUST just around the corner {IF i get in} this is truly the busiest time of the year for me...So ill spent most of it huddled in my cramped studio {...ahem...KITCHEN}....creating PUREVILE! style if i don't come out as often...and if i look all exhausted when you DO see'll know why...and i hope it will all be worth it...{although it ALWAYS is!!!} really trying to push the envelope on some of these and i hope it shows!!!!

SO please enjoy the previews of the beginnings of the fruits of my labour!!! and text me or call or something everyone and awhile just to make sure I'm still ok!!!


P.S. SOME of these are /were works in progress and had finishing touches added after.....

"Release the Hounds"

"Love needs No Disguise"

"Along the Garden Path"

"Into a Swan"

"Who Killed Mr. Moonlight"

"the Sacred and the Profane"

"She Knows Many Secrets"

"Midnights Sweet Epiphany"

"Old Scratch"

"Prince of Darkness"

"Mina's Dream"

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  1. Good luck with Phantasmagorey!! I've wanted to go for ages but I'm nowhere near New York. I'll be there in spirit, and I can't wait for pictures of your beauties.