Monday, April 30, 2012

NYC 19th Century Extravaganza Picnic!!!!!

I was asked by my friend Zoh {from Morrigan NYC} to be in a fashion show cumulating a weekends worth of events for the 19th Century Appreciation Society of NYC...I was excited too have a chance to show some of my pieces to a whole new crowd...SO I corralled some friends {Barrett/Micol/Gooby/Jessica} and got them to model and we had a BLAST on a gorgeous day in Brooklyn...

So i just wanted to show you a few "behind the scenes" shots i took...Thanks again to all my willing friends and to all who came and watched!!!!!


Steven Rosen x PUREVILE!!!

The talented and always friendly Stephen Rosen took these AMAZING portraits of my models {and myself} right after our stint in the 19th Century Appreciation Societies fashion show!!!!! The images were very spur of the moment but turned out STUNNING!!!! Thank you Steven!!! and please check out his OTHER work here!!!


Sunday, April 29, 2012


My friend Eric Schmalenberger wanted an outfit for his show "BLUNDERLAND"...a psychotic variety show filled with the denzines of NY nightlife....It was to be an event to say the least...So he put me to work to make him something elegantly PUREVILE!!!! So this is what I came up with!!!

A Svankmeyer-ian monstrosity...covered in signature ruffles...dripping ribbons and a bouquet of all varieties of animal skulls....peeping through glass eyes...dolls arms reach heavenward and one skull chews his way through the hat brim festooned with Victorian trimmings...A Macabre and Comical outfit...much like the man himself.....

So enjoy my creation as much as I hope Eric himself did!!!!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Under the Iron Bridge: the Sexual Songs of the Smiths

i mean come on...that whole "celibate" thing got real old REAL FAST...especially if you listened to some of the "thinly veiled" lyrics.... early Smiths was so raging hormones gone wild....snogging sessions in alleys and railway stations.....shy nerdy boys and handsome teachers.....long frustrating drives home.....Schoolboy fantasies come true...or dreamed true.....So much pent up sexuality.....So by his supposed lack of sex he then somehow oozed sexuality.......

So...On this rainy London-like day...I present to you some of my favourite filthy Smiths songs with the most obviously titilating lyrics as well!!!!! SO curl up with some Oscar Wilde....put on your best tweed coat with the leather elbows.....stuff some gladiolas in your back pocket....and open up your tent flaps WIDE......


P.S. I know the last lyric is a Morrissey song but i included it anyway because i love the confusing sensuality of that song!!!!!

And when we're in your scholarly room
who will swallow whom?
and when we're in your scholarly room
who will swallow whom?
you handsome devil

I know the wind-swept mystical air
It means : I'd like to see your underwear
I recognise that mystical air
It means : I'd like to seize your underwear 

Under the iron bridge we kissed
And although I ended up with sore lips
It just wasn't like the old days anymore
No, it wasn't like those days 

And if you ever need self-validation
Just meet me in the alley by the
Railway station
It's all over my face
Oh ... 

I dreamt about you last night
And I fell out of bed twice
You can pin and mount me like a butterfly
But "take me to the haven of your bed"
Was something that you never said
Two lumps, please
You're the bee's knees
But so am I

Were you and he Lovers ?
And would you say so if you were ?
On a forecourt
On a Friday
Passing my way

Were you and he Lovers ?
And if you were, then say that you were!
On a groundsheet
Under canvas
With your tent-flap
open wide

A note upon his desk
"P.S. Bring Me Home And Have Me!"
Leather elbows on a tweed coat
Is THAT the best you can do ?
So came his reply :
"But on the desk is where I want you!"

So I ask (even though I know):
Were you and he Lovers ?