Sunday, April 22, 2012

Charles Atlas x Johanna Constantine xWilliam Basinski x Whitney Biennial..Noone comes out alive!!!!

Its dark and kind of stuffy...theres ambient music playing and pulsing THROBBING...lights sail and flicker...vintage movie clips twitch and blazes and Johanna stalks out and covers the room in a elegant darkness....with ritualistic poses and a gorgeously stoic face...she mesmerizes and entrances you while you are lulled into submission by glitchy soundtracks.....Its like a more glamourous Hellraiser where you WISH you were a cenobite.....

Johannas viciousness grows and so does the music and the visuals...layer upon layers of ghost images stream through the air and stutter step their way throughout the Horror movie montage...and just when you think it's gone too ends.....and your left ...wanting....

Thank you Charles, William and especially Johanna for making my Saturday afternoon Macabre and Bleak...just the way i like it!!!!


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