Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hooray for {Old} Hollywood!!!! Part 3!!!!

Check out the blog entry as a new designer !!!!!
thanks again Old Hollywood!!!!!!!


Home Sweet Home

I know many people are curious to how I decorate the place I call home...Well somewhere in Sunnyside Queens is a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen that doubles for a studio....the closets are oodly shaped but i ahve hardwood floors and pre-war walls that while hard to nail into let me listen to music as loud as I want without any annoyance from neighbors...That's it in a nutshell..and this is how it sometimes looks....{though even these pics look dated much more has been added}....When pressed to describe it Im always at a loss for words....One friend went so far to call it "Turn of the Century Serial Killer"...but I'll let you make up your own mind about what you think about it.....

So i hope you enjoy and see how my art imitates my life and vice versa....


"Hang him on your wa-ha-halllllll....."

Back in 1988 (or 89) there was a HUGE retrospective of Andy Warhols at the MoMA soon after his death....EVERYONE everyone....people I still meet today whoa re around my age are always like..."Did you go to the Warhol show at the MoMA...." It was the thing to do....

Love him or hate him Andy Warhol changed how people see art...and WHAT people see as art...he also changed what we think of celebrity...and WHO we think are celebrities...he was the predecessor of "YouTube" and "D-Listed".....He took art from this place of mystery and stuffiness and put it in the hands of the people and can do this too.....He gave a voice to the forsaken...the drag queens the husters the drug addicts...he let everyone know they too could be a superstar...even if it was only in your own living room....

Today i went to see the statue of Andy erected just outside of Union Square park...just blocks from the original Factory...He is made of shiny silver and causally stands with a bag from Bloomingdale's{Medium Bron Bag} in his hand...{Which I heard from my friend Tony V that he carried around the first issues of "Interview" in to see if local vendors wanted to carry it!!!!!}.....and his trusty Polariod...

Seeing the statue made me think of being a confused teenager...dreaming of recognition...and how lately...I've been getting some...and it made me smile....I guess I'm finally getting my 15 minutes...thanks Mr Warhol....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sang Bleu.....

I'm really glad i waited until i got the majority of my tattoos...I got one when I was young...then a few in my 20's...but the majority have been more recently...I just feel like i was smarter about the artwork AND the artists I chose....So...i just wanted to highlight some of my recent work here...the first few are from Bailey Hunter Robinson...then he referred me to Dan Trocchio who is AMAZING!!!!!! i am ruined for any other tattoo artist and will never go to anyone else!!!!!

So enjoy my {their} work!!!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

"the dust on a butterfly’s wings...."

These photos were taken by my friend Roberto {} who I met in London while doing the Lingering Whispers show ...He wanted to take photos of my work on the LOVELY Catherine A.D. {} and THIS was the breathtaking result!!!!!


"He had a Voice Like Ice......"

So my AMAZING "new" friends Kris and Kat invited me to DJ at this event celebrating Kats BIRTHDAY!!!!! There will be some AMAZING acts!!!! including their band "the Ragwater Review" good friend Gin Minsky...and the DJ stylings of myself and my friend Margo!!!!  
 So PLEASE come out to support !!!!!!
We invite you to "Blood on the Moon: an Evening of Swamp Stomp, Post-punk, Murder Ballads, Glamourous Dolls and Noir Dreams..."

RAGWATER REVUE (San Francisco, CA) -


Scintillating Tap Performance by GIN MINSKY! -
Snake Charming Voodoo Bellydance Performance by RIO! -

With MC Extraordinaire MR. BENJAMIN ICKIES -

@ Public Assembly
70 N. 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY
9 pm - $10 - 21+ w/id

For more info and updates please visit WWW.RAGWATER.COM

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hooray for {Old} Hollywood..take Two!!!


I have been included on Old Hollywoods online shop!!!! AND I saw a few of my pieces on some dress forms in the shop at the Limelight Marketplace!!!! One of the girls told me the rest would be out sometime this week!!! I'm so excited to be included in such an amazing shop!!! I will continue to update and include pictures as things happen!!!! Everyone at the stores have been so nice and friendly...I hope this is the start of a long and frutiful friendship!!!!!


..."the Revolution will be ACCESSORIZED!!!!!".....

My good friend Marlo Gamora { } took these photos of some of my jewelry AND clothing that I created..It was my first photoshoot EVER....and it was such a BLAST styling and seeing my complete vision for the first time!!!!!! ..So.....i just wanted to re-feature them here..Thanks to my models{friends}..Brandi...Kristin...Ian...Barrett...for letting me draft them into the PUREVILE! army!!!!!!