Friday, March 18, 2011

AND he has a full time job!!!!!!

Do yourself a favour and go to the Japan Society and see "Goodbye Kitty" if for NO other reason than to see the indescribable {My friend Valerie and I were at a complete loss for words} artwork of Ikeda Manabu! INSANELY detailed HUGE pen and ink work that will make your brains bleed out of your head..minute details that will make you feel like everything you do is shite and your wasting your life...Microcasms come to erupt out of moutian sides and all the "people" are blank spaces left between the insane crosshatching that would make Edward Goreys head spin!!!!! Some of the illustrations took YEARS to finish and when you see them you will understand WHY!!!! Get as close as you see as much as you can.....

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