Friday, March 25, 2011

" The terrible flames of all that remain of My Little Shirtwaist Fire"

I first Heard of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire from the Rasputina song 'my Little Shirtwaist Fire"...and was intrigued...In 1911 on March 25th,Some 146 immigrant workers {Mostly italian and Jewish and mostly women and 2 little girls} were killed in a horrifying fire started by a discarded match in a pile of months worth of fabric scraps...Exits and doors were locked to prevent theft or due to un-cleanly conditions in the factory....So people either perished in the flames or jumped to their death from the eigth and ninth floors where the factory resided....As a result of this horror inspections were made and laws concerning factory conditions were changed as well as ones concerning saftey of workers..... The 100 year aniversary of this tradgedy was this Friday...Church Bells and Fire Alarms rang at 4:45 in remeberance of all the lives lost on that day.....

I included a short video here ......

So take a moment to reflect on those lives lost and hopefully to lessons learned!!!!


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