Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Tales from Outer Suburbia"

My Mom was a childrens librarian for almost all of my life...So I became VERY familiar with not only the Dewey Decimal system {look it up people} but alos with Childrens Book Illustrators...To ME it is often a place to find some of the most creatively magical illustrations you are going to find out there...I guess because with childrens books as opposed to ad's or other more 'corperate" things illustrators usually work on they have ALOT more freedom...

Well I have found a NEW fave....SHAUN TAN...his work is so deep and evocotive but also filled with so much JOY...I can see how it could appeal to children but his style and mesage seem geared towards adults as well....You can tell he is infuenced by the modern graphic novel by his storytelling techniques and layouts....For example "the Arrival" is a tale of a person and his family immigrating to another captures the wonder...the chaos...and the loneliness that must come with taking everything you own and moving somewhere strange and new...AND he does it without ONE WORD of text!!!!!! Aliens...Leaf Boys....Giant Water Buffalo...Amnesia machies...these things all become a part of the seemingly mundane life in Shaun tan's version of suburbia....I really fell in love with his work and couldnt stop grinning the whole time!!!!!

So I implore you all to check out the wonderful world he creates!!!! he has also made a short film base on one of his stories called "Lost and found" heres the trailer:


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