Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Blea lugosi's dead....and i don't feel so hot myself....."

The Secret a 60's girl-pop band from the 80's....a female fronted Smiths played in a twee Brit-pop club..Born from the ashes of former group "My Favorite"...{also pretty damn amazing}.....I love them and their catchy and witty lyrics...and their apparent Anglomnia withc I myself suffer from!!!! Tinged with real sadness and darkness and some hidden and not so hidden pop culture refrences from my {and perhaps your} youth...Some of these people are my friends.....but regardless of that I would love them anyway.....I woke up singing them in my head so I wanted to share their brand of sullen magic with you...

Today for your viewing pleasure their latest video.."Johnny Nightmare" it about somone specific??? Who knows...rumours ebb and flow...Speaking of the video....the clips are from a movie that friends of the band made { Twenty One}...So enjoy...and I IMPLORE you to check out their other's amazing melencholia that sounds like London in the rain....Le Sigh indeed!!!!!


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