Monday, March 21, 2011

Bone Collector.....

So this weeks "New York" magazine featured me in their "Look Book" section!!!!! i got interviewed at the 24th Street Flea a few weeks ago and waited on baited breath for it to come out since they never even showed me what picture they were using!!!!! and just a note THIS is why I always try to look nice..{well i would ANYWAY but...} because you NEVER know who will be lurking around with a camera!!!!!

and I KNOW it seems silly....However to me...this means ALOT...I had always been ridiculed by the general public for my look and allthough this will not change anyones mind me its a small justification of all I went through....I mean this is me...this is who I am...through and through...and ill be like this forever....but.... it's nice to get an matter how big or small!!!!!

And for those who are wondering...

That hat is by me {}
The coat is Vintage
the pants are H&M
The shoes are Demonia
The bag is vinatge {$20!!!!}
Tattoos by Daniel Troccio @Three Kings Brooklyn
Rabbit Umbrella Modern Anthology, DUMBO

heh!!!! they asked me but never printed it so there you go!!!!!


P.S. and if your so inclined PLEASE pick up a copy!!!!! On newsstands today!!!!!

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