Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hooray for {Old} Hollywood!!!!

So the amazingly curated "Old Hollywood" has chose to carry some of my PUREVILE! jewelry!!!! At BOTH their locations...the one in Greenpoint AND the one at the Marketplace at the Limelight!!!!!

My friend Jessica introduced me to this store back wen they were in a tiny location in greepoint!!!! Now they have grown to 2 stores but still have amazingly curated collections of many local jewelrs { Verameat, Species by thousands, Digby and iona} Now including PUREVILE!!!!

I wanted to give a special thanks to TIFFANY who met with me today for her enthusiasm and excitement...and to her boyfriend for 'discovering" me at BUST and suggesting the whole thing!!!! i am honoured to be a part of this amazing store and to be included in such talented and creative company!!!! i hope this is the beginning of a LONG friendship!!!!

And as soon as they are out on the floor I'll let you know...and hopefully I'll have pictures as well!!!!!

Couldnt be happier right now!!!!! First New York magazine now this!!! Hell Yes!!!!


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