Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Beth Ditto to me is like a nouveaux Alison Moyet...all big and brassy blue eyed soul.....I am a HUGE fan {pun pun pun} and listen to the Gossip especially their last album the amazing "Music for Men" incessently!!!! Its ana amzingly produced {Rick Rubin} feat for the ears that pulss from so manygenres {post punk< electro< new wave} without sounding like contrived trash...its both new and old sounding...which gives it an amazing timeless quality...Also to me Ms Ditto can sing the contents of a cat food can and i'd listen!!!!

I also love that this is a glmourous bitch that is proud of who she is weather it's her size or sexuality...she flaunts it without a blink of her false lashes!!!!!! I live for her!!!!! and Gaultier closed a recent show with her...WERK!!!!

And Im really enjoying her new EP that a recently bought...a tad more straight up electronic...a little more dancy...but still all BETH!!!!! So please giver her a listen...her voice is so powerful and sweet....It will lull you into a trance and then slap the shit out of you!!!!! Be prepared!!!!!

So i leave you with a video from "I Wrote the Book" off this ep...her tribute to Madonnas "Justify My Love" video...Enjoy!!!


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