Friday, March 25, 2011


So usually these type of theater experiences don't appeal to me....audiance participation experimental type things......HOWEVER this one sounds pretty AMAZING...this theater company from London "Punchdrunk" set up their version of Macbeth in a 100 room hotel based on one from a Hitchcock movie {the McKittrick Hotel from Vertigo}apparently they've also done versions of  "Masque of the red Death" and "Faust"

Guests can enter and wander the rooms as they like for up to 3 hours...the drama continues in different rooms at different times including a garden...a childrens room...a witches lair...etc...and you can either follow the tale as it unfolds or come and go as you like...Im also told theres a bar where you can enjoy a libation as witches run amock and Lady macbeth goes mad in an abandoned classroom!!!!!! The decorations seem to be painstakingly arranged and everything has a sinister "Film Noir" air about it......

The tickets are $75 but it seems like a small price to pay for an AMAZING visual and visceral experience!!!! It's only in town for 7weeks So if you want to go better get tickets QUICK....I am looking forward to going and will report back to you all with my experience!!!!!


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