Saturday, April 30, 2011

" many of us have them?!?!?!"

So I just wanted to take a moment and reflect and say something...this Blog is mostly inspirational but I wanted to take a moment and get a bit more personal.....

PUREVILE! has been a dream of mine at least since i was 16 in one form or another..sitting in art class in New Dorp...looking out at the water imagining my fashion empire....hoping that I could one day share my ideas with others.....and now over 20 years later my dream is coming to fruition....after ALOT of hard work and many lost hours of sleep!!!! It's been a long hard road.....and yes PUREVILE! is a one man company...but the thing is...I am never REALLY doing it alone....

I mean YES...I'm the one making all the things.... but in some way shape or form ALOT of what else goes on behind the scenes is done with the help of my leigon of amazing friends!!!!!! I mean everyday i wake up and every night i got to sleep i cannot help but think of how lucky I have the friends i do....from doing PR...and setting up my helping me lug suitcases full of crap to early morining standing with me for 12+ hours on a Sunday selling helping me build fixtures..for letting me vend at your events....not to mention just being there while i complain or rejoice over whatever is currently going on!!!!! people Ic an bounce ideas off of...who send me inspirational images...who giveme encouragement when i need it...and take me out to dinner when I need a rest.....

And most do this gladly VOULNTEERING even!!!!! And allthough I can be very nice most of the time...I can sometimes become a bit of a diva when stressed...or when it comes to how I like to set my table up!!!! Regardless they still come...some even fight over it!!!! i am never at a loss for voulnteers!!!!

Lately things have been going high speed.....and I feel like i havent been able to take a breath....and sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed...but then someone calls and asks if i need some help...or need to talk...and then i'm ok...well at least until the next freak out!!!!

SO to all of whatever capacity.....and whatever frequency...THANK YOU...from the bottom of my heart to the top of my be-hatted head....Thank you for all that you do...for all that you are....and for all you give me...I hope I can make you all proud!!!!! And I couldn't be happier to have you all along for the ride....

and remember my pretties...THE REVOLUTION WILL BE ACCESSORIZED!!!!!!


Anyone want to buy a 2 headed calf?!?!?!?!?

So TONIGHT My "Oddities" episode aired!!! Sorry i found out a bit too late to let everyone know...It's the same episode that "Korn" member Johnathan Davis is in....It's on the SCIENCE CHANNEL...which is a divison of Discovery...and It will also be on in well as repeated I'm sure on the Science Channel!!!!

I'm actually VERY EXCITED!!!!! They left everything in AND I got to show some of my pieces as well!!!!! So thanks to Brooke from the production company...and to Mike and Evan from Obscura....and to that cute little two headed calf for helping me with my T.V. "debut"......Obscura has been a favourite shop of mine for YEARS and I'm glad i was able to support them in whatever way i could!!!!! Whenever I go in there it feels like home!!! And for those of you who have seen my apartment you'll know WHY!!! I remeber when they relocated I was underhe impression that they shut down like so many stores in NY...i was DEVISTATED.....more than a place to shop it was somewhere I could just go in anstare at things for HOURS!!!! i was more than elated when  found they had just opened up a few stores do on the other side of the street!!!! I go there alotand it's somewhere I love brinng people as's amagical store!!!!

SO PLEASE watch!!!! Not JUST for me...but because it's a gret show about interesting things!!!! And notust bitchy houseives or kids of sort of famous people!!!! You may even learn something!!! And who knows...I may even have a viewing party some time soon!!!! i'll keep you posted!!!!


"Pull up to MY Bumper" :DoV x DISKO NOUVEAUX

So alst night my friend Shien held Dances of Vice {} "the Vipers Dream" a Jazz Age romp through the Marajuana hazed undergroud filled with dancing , burlesque and acts of debauchey...{most of thoseued by OUR friends}..So after the night "ended" I was asked to do a short  2 hour DISKO..and it went a little something like THIS......{Thanks to EVERYONE that stuck around, for everyone who danced...and for that cute youn gay couple that made out through my ENTIRE set!!! You inspied to to work through my exhaustion!!!!}

Monitor: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Whole new Way: the Horrors
I'm Falling: Ministry
Performance: Tones on Tail
Nightmares; Flock of Seagulls
European Son: Japan
We are Glass: Gary Nuamn
Big in Japan {original mix}: Alphaville
Angst in my Pants: Sparks
Zerox: Adam and the Antz
Heads Will Roll: the Yeah yeah yeahs
Atomic {mix}: Blondie
Night People: Human Leauge
Waiting :My Robot Friend {featuring Allison Moyet!}
My Own Way{Night Version}: Duran Duran {for Hillary}
Fame: Eurythmics
Pull up to the Bumper: Grace Jones
Love is the Drug: Roxy Music
Love and let Love: the Gossip
Not in Love: Crystal Castles feat:Robert Smith
Heartbeats: the Knife
Suedehead: Morrissey {Sparks remix}
Boys say GO!: Depeche Mode {Birthday request}
How to be a Millionaire!: ABC

Nina Hagen: New York, New York

All in all a fun night Thanks again to everyone...and hopefully I will get to spin for you all REAL SOON!!! Big Black Glittery Kisses!!!!!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cinema Strange......

i LOVE going to the movies...its such a wonderful escape...i often do it alone just to enjoy some "Me" you know how it is coordinating things like that sometimes...convincing people to go....deciding when.....what to eat...what theater..i mean really...Sometimes i just enjoy the quiet solitude......

Looking in "the Voice" yesterday I just saw ads for these two movies playing at the IFC in Manhattan and I'm chomping at the bit to go!!!!! Figured I'd share because I have a feeling some of you may like these choices too!!!

"Blank City"
I want to see this movie SO BAD...just watching the trailer i was screaming with delight...not only are there so many amazing people in it but some of the shots of old New York are just so AMAZING...from the graffitti covered subways to the bombed out neighborhoods of the EastVillage/Lower East Side.....Everything was just so new and alive back then...and I'm excited to see clips from some lost films of this era.....I sort of remeber NYC from this era...i was still quite young...but something magical happens to me when I see things from this time period.....So I'm sure seeing these movies will be amazing...Steve Buschemi, Lydi Lunch, Joh Waters, Debbie Harry, Jim Jarmusch, Basquiat and the Voluptious Horror of Karen Black are just a few of the Downtown luminaries featured in the movie!!!!!

Next maybe we can sneak teenage style into this movie...{Or PAY if we have to...}

"Beautiful Darling"

This looks like a VERY interesting movie about the rise and fall of Ms Candy Darling...of Warhol Factory fame....In my opinion the most beautiful of Andy's girls...and the most intruging....Raised in Long Island as a little boy...He moved to NYC and he transfromed himself into Warhols leading lady!!!!! Like a starlet born too late She also burned out too fast.....I'm VERY excited to see this and maybe learn a bit more about her life.....She seems like such a beautifully tragic creature...

So maybe I'll see you at IFC....and remeber,I have a HUGE bag so maybe we can sneak in some drinks and sushi or something...I mean have you SEEN the price of pop-corn!?!?!?!?! NOT CUTE!!!!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Wendy??"..."Yes Lisa?"..."Is the Water Warm Enough?"..."Yes Lisa"..."then Shall We Begin??"..."Yes Lisa"...

So sometimes after a stressful day {ike today}i like to take a bath.......wait........who am i LOVE a good bath!!!! And i don't need a stressful day...just the new issue of Vogue Italia...Some St germaine...and my main man Mr Bubble!!!! Sometimes Ms Qun Helene makes an apperance as well if I'm luck!!!!

And nothing helps ease the day than a good for those who are interested...her's my patented "Bathtime Mix".....enjoy!!!!


Song to the Siren: This Mortal Coil

Late at Night: Bell Hollow
Back to Letters: Anna Ranger
Another World: Antony and the Johnsons

Winter Academy: Billy Mackenzie
From the Flagstones: Cocteau Twins

To Wish Impossible things: the Cure
Fearless: Cyndi Lauper

the Gift: Annie Lennox
Your Body's a Temple: Jay Brannan

Help Me: Joni Mitchell

Pink Cashmere: Prince
I'm not Sorry: Morrissey

Dizzy: Siouxsie and the Banshees
One Less Bell to Answer: the 5th Dimension

Monday, April 25, 2011

McQueen is dead...Long live McQUEEN!!!!!

{17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010}

So really what do you say about someone like Alexander McQueen???? He's been a hero of mine since I first saw his stunning creations...More than any other designer he really touched something deep inside me....He celebrated so many things that i loved as well...the beauty in the macabre...the sensuality that is found in darkeness...and the joy in the shadows of his clothing I always imagined myself an insane heiress wandering the ruins of an old mansion looking for a lost love...or as an alien creature exploring a desert landscape of a foreign moon.....or something more than human,a hybrid somewhere between man and beast...His clothing relyed HEAVILY on the fantastical...and...  He was constantly pushing fashion ahead and was  creating these worlds for all of us to get lost in.....and with impeccable tailoring and jaw dropping styling he grabbed fashion by the neck and shook it into a new era.....and not to be flip...but...the man was pretty hot too..non!?!?!?!

And now the MET is celebrating the body of work he left behind....with Alexander McQueen: Savage BeautyMay 4, 2011–July 31, 2011 Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Exhibition Hall, 2nd floor.......over 100 pieces of clothing from ALL his collections INCLUDING his graduate colletion from Central St Martins in London {!!!} as well as a room full of accessories created for him AND a viewing room featuring his runwayshows on video screens!!!!! I actually took off from WORK to go see this since it's like a national holiday...w ell for me at least...

So i IMPLORE you to go see this show......and pay tribute to a truly talented man...who left us all too early!!!!! Included are some shots of some of the pieces form the show!!!! See you THERE!!!!!!!


and as a little 'bonus" one of my FAVE McQueen as he crates an outfit on site by destroying another one....the energy...and the just makes me shivvver everytimewatch it !!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Why Can't i Be YOU!?!?!?!"

So I guess since i was about 14 was obsessed with them...well maybe I should say HIM...I mean the Cure were {and in alot of ways ARE} my favourite's REALLY Mr Smith i was intrigued by...especially that mess of hair...Sometimes like a spiky porcupines...sometimes like a soggy black cloud...It just called to me as a youth and I spent the better part of my teen years emulating it in some way or another....Teasing, backcombing, picks, crimpers and hairspray were used...lots and LOTS of hairspray {first Stiff Stuff...then RAVE #4} until i perfected what I called either 'Bird of Hairidise" or "Ragdoll from Nightmareland"....The hair gave me POWER much like made me feel like some kind of gave me presence and it brought me attention...good and bad.....but like may things it had its day and i got rid of it...slowly but surely....and yes...much like when one loses an appendage some days I get 'phantom hair" and I duck going through doorways or imagine it caught in it USED too......

But now i've substituted hats for hair...and its not the same....but...sometimes when i daydream...and sometimes as i sleep...I still imagine teasing up that big cloud around my head....remembering the smells of areosol and the sweet burning odor of the crimper....and maybe I hum a little something from 'Pornography" or "Kiss me, Kiss me, Kissme"....and think about those days....

and my FAVE hair video by them.....


Monday, April 18, 2011


just because I'm in an amazing {if not EXHAUSTED} mood today i'm going to leak a few more of Marlos amazing photos!!!! And feel free to check his work out HERE as well :

Enjoy my darlings!!!!




Sara &Kristin!







Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adventures in Fleamarketeering : Part4 Version 2.0

So Yesterday was pleasure was buisness...I have had alot of orders and things coming up having to do with my work so I need to step up my collecting so i can have things to make things out of....So today i was all focused on materials....

The day started out lovely with this:
I miss me some early 90's rap divas....and Yo-yo was ALWAYS a fave.....and since it was a beautiful day...{the polar opposite of yesterday} really got me in the mood!!!!

The flea gods favoured me today because I got some good raw materials....

 ALWAYS a sucker for pearls and Mother of pearl and things like that!!! and a bit of antique lace
 and some other fun little trinkets!!!
 and i've been looking for a mannequinn hand like this for some time now for a little something....When and if I create it I will post the pictures here....
Well thats it for now everyone...until next weekend....