Friday, April 1, 2011

Lorenzo Nanni: Somewhere between art and fashion.....

Lorenzo Nanni is an a amazing artist...he uses fabrics and threads and beads to create intricate sculptures that can either be worn or displayed on ones wall......or even both!!!!! Organic shapes fuse with internal organs....Mollusks and squid grow eyes and stretch and reach like arteries and veins...Biology runs rampant and the line between plant and animal life is blurred or removed alltogther....and the hand work is just breat-taking!!!!! The amout of hours spent on one piece...colour me thoroughly impressed!!! All his pieces come in a glass dome so they can be displayed until one is ready to wear it!!!! The lines between fashion and art become blurred.....and we all know how much i LOVE that!!!! His work is so magical...and also sensual...So PLEASE check out more here :  and in some of the images I selected below!!!!

He also created an animated short called "Naiade"...heres a clip of it below!!!


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