Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adventures in Flea-Marketeering: Part 4 {"Monsoon" edition}

So after my VERY late night I somehow woke with a crazy kind of enthusiasm for the day!!!! And even though my adventure wasn't plentiful... the few {2} things I got were very impressive!!!

I just LOVE this amazing hand painted {on silk} portrait of this young boy!!!! The sailor shirt is pretty damn cute!!!! The guy who sold it to me told me it was a painting of the womans father done by his mother!!!!

 I've been eyeing this lovely for WEEKS...and the guy finally went down on the price to someting more amazing mourning piece for a lost child!!!
even the violet coloured velvet is amazngly worn...

My trip home was INSANE...the wind and the rain....It wasnt cute...however i had a nice little treat on the train home...

a little "peanut butter and jelly" doughnut and some Ronnybrook Farms chocolate milk...Damn you Doughtut Plant!!!!!!!

So maybe next week will yeild more until then...

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