Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Pull up to MY Bumper" :DoV x DISKO NOUVEAUX

So alst night my friend Shien held Dances of Vice {} "the Vipers Dream" a Jazz Age romp through the Marajuana hazed undergroud filled with dancing , burlesque and acts of debauchey...{most of thoseued by OUR friends}..So after the night "ended" I was asked to do a short  2 hour DISKO..and it went a little something like THIS......{Thanks to EVERYONE that stuck around, for everyone who danced...and for that cute youn gay couple that made out through my ENTIRE set!!! You inspied to to work through my exhaustion!!!!}

Monitor: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Whole new Way: the Horrors
I'm Falling: Ministry
Performance: Tones on Tail
Nightmares; Flock of Seagulls
European Son: Japan
We are Glass: Gary Nuamn
Big in Japan {original mix}: Alphaville
Angst in my Pants: Sparks
Zerox: Adam and the Antz
Heads Will Roll: the Yeah yeah yeahs
Atomic {mix}: Blondie
Night People: Human Leauge
Waiting :My Robot Friend {featuring Allison Moyet!}
My Own Way{Night Version}: Duran Duran {for Hillary}
Fame: Eurythmics
Pull up to the Bumper: Grace Jones
Love is the Drug: Roxy Music
Love and let Love: the Gossip
Not in Love: Crystal Castles feat:Robert Smith
Heartbeats: the Knife
Suedehead: Morrissey {Sparks remix}
Boys say GO!: Depeche Mode {Birthday request}
How to be a Millionaire!: ABC

Nina Hagen: New York, New York

All in all a fun night Thanks again to everyone...and hopefully I will get to spin for you all REAL SOON!!! Big Black Glittery Kisses!!!!!


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