Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Advanced Style" Fashion Grows Up!!!!

If your like me you will occasionally look into the mirror...{or your closet } and wonder..."What I'm going to look like when I'm OLD?!?!?!?" How will I dress????Can you successfully decorate a walker????and do they make orthepedic platforms????{heh}...and if your anything like me you stalk icons like Lynne Yeager and hope one day that I too could one day be an adorably fashionable rag-doll!!!!!

But sometimes stlyish older folks are very elusive...and not always easy tpo stalk...well...not so much anymore.....Ari Seth Cohen has created a fashion MASTERPIECE with 'Advanced Style"... A style blog for the older set....and those who adore them.....these fearless and fashionable ladies and gents fly in the face of convention and live life to the ultimate!!!!!Filled with HOURS of amazing video and photos...I mean I spent FOREVER pouring over pictrures of amazingly dressed older folks...It gives people like me hope that YES I can and will still be FABULOUS and perhaps more so as I grow older...So all you style icons out there let's all hope this is a mirror held up to us....because if it is...againg just got a little less scary!!!!!

So I COMMAND you to PLEASE check out his amazing blog......


{As a side note...i was shopping one day and a quiet but well dressed gentlemen came up to me and told me he loved my outfit...I thanked him and spent the rest of what WAS a miserable day smiling to myself...turns out it was Mr Cohen himself!!!! I didnt realize it that day...but I hope I get to meet him aagin and thank him for such amazing inspration!!!!}

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