Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flea Marketeering: Part3 {Brooklyn Bound}

SO here is another...smaller...edition of my flea market searches...not many things this weekend but some amazing ones none the less!!! I went to the 24th street one Saturday and today went to Williamsburg brooklyn with my friend Courtney for the Grand Opening of the "Brooklyn Flea" in that area!!! However due to the weather [nice} and newness of the flea it was CRAZY!!! So I will definately have to re-visit it!!!!

Anyway...heres some of the things i found..

 a cute little tintype
 some beautiful had a little reliquary on it!!!!
 i KNOW i got one last week but they ave me SUCH a good price!!!!! and its a different fabric anyway!!!!
 This was from the "Artists and Fleas" today! made from vintage cards! the "Doodlebugs" are on the back...and if you donr know who they are...Google them!!!
 This amazing {video?} Camera case that will make a nice travel Murse for me so i can be "hands free" when i flea dig!!!! the interior is gorgeous!!!! Procured from "Meeker Flea market" Brooklyns best kept secret!!! {amazingly inexpensive things!!!!!}
a hat that i THINK may actually be a Hasidic hat!!! It looks so Goth Boy George...which i LOVE naturally!!! I got this from a woman vending on Bedford!!!!

Proof of authenticity inside!?!?!?!?!? Perhaps???? Regardless I LOVE this hat and it was deal of the day!!!! "$50???" I said.."No $15...1-5.." says she...SOLD!!!!!!

So thats it for this weekend...tune in next weekend to see what other goodies I've procured!!!!!


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