Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cinema Strange......

i LOVE going to the movies...its such a wonderful escape...i often do it alone just to enjoy some "Me" you know how it is coordinating things like that sometimes...convincing people to go....deciding when.....what to eat...what theater..i mean really...Sometimes i just enjoy the quiet solitude......

Looking in "the Voice" yesterday I just saw ads for these two movies playing at the IFC in Manhattan and I'm chomping at the bit to go!!!!! Figured I'd share because I have a feeling some of you may like these choices too!!!

"Blank City"
I want to see this movie SO BAD...just watching the trailer i was screaming with delight...not only are there so many amazing people in it but some of the shots of old New York are just so AMAZING...from the graffitti covered subways to the bombed out neighborhoods of the EastVillage/Lower East Side.....Everything was just so new and alive back then...and I'm excited to see clips from some lost films of this era.....I sort of remeber NYC from this era...i was still quite young...but something magical happens to me when I see things from this time period.....So I'm sure seeing these movies will be amazing...Steve Buschemi, Lydi Lunch, Joh Waters, Debbie Harry, Jim Jarmusch, Basquiat and the Voluptious Horror of Karen Black are just a few of the Downtown luminaries featured in the movie!!!!!

Next maybe we can sneak teenage style into this movie...{Or PAY if we have to...}

"Beautiful Darling"

This looks like a VERY interesting movie about the rise and fall of Ms Candy Darling...of Warhol Factory fame....In my opinion the most beautiful of Andy's girls...and the most intruging....Raised in Long Island as a little boy...He moved to NYC and he transfromed himself into Warhols leading lady!!!!! Like a starlet born too late She also burned out too fast.....I'm VERY excited to see this and maybe learn a bit more about her life.....She seems like such a beautifully tragic creature...

So maybe I'll see you at IFC....and remeber,I have a HUGE bag so maybe we can sneak in some drinks and sushi or something...I mean have you SEEN the price of pop-corn!?!?!?!?! NOT CUTE!!!!



  1. WOW..they both look so good!! You're quite fortunate to have grown up when and where you did. Blank City seems particularly interesting - that time period in NYC is so fascinating. Thankfuly it was fairly well documented, and spawned some great movies - I've seen Smithereens, but I've been meaning to watch Richard Kern's movies, which also feature no wave/new wave actors Lydia Lunch and the infamous Karen Finley (I love her song "Tales of Taboo", wherein she likes to do wild things with yams and Belgian waffles!).
    Wish I could see these with you...we'd stick a pizza and a 2 liter of Coke in your bag and save ten million dollars just on popcorn and drinks!!

  2. P.S. Steve Buscemi is also awesome - I loved him in Parting Glances!!