Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kim Simonsson:Ponytail....

My friend Val and I wandered into this gallery today {Nancy Margolis Gallery} while searching for a totally different show...Needless to say we were pleasently surprised and we saw some pretty amazing sculptures...Semmingly made from plastic...{but after some inspection looked like some kind of ceramic covered in layers of paint}....Statues of little girls looking like anime-aliens "playing" with or being atatcked by dog-like girl stands in a corner staring at here own eyes stuck there on the wall...Heraldic shields erupt with Rococo swirls and ravenous animal heads with glistening teeth...both alien and strange...innocent and a bit sexual...the white on white {and sometimes terracotta} sculptures of Kim Simonsson were definately worth stopping in to see on this dreary NY day....


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  1. I just discovered your blog, seems like a great and interesting one! I absolutely love Kim Simmonsson, I saw some of his works at Nancy Margolis gallery in summer 2010, plus as he is finnish his works appear often in various finnish galleries. (I live in Helsinki.)