Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adventures in Fleamarketeering Part 4: Every Day is Like Sunday edition

So dispite the weather I mad e a quick trip into Manhattan to get some flea marketing on...yesterday iwent to the brooklyn Flea {Fort Greene} with Barrett and Micol and saw ALOT...juts didnt buy...but today....though not super successful...was fun none the less!!!!

Today was a bit dreary {especially compared to yesterday...but I put on a little Jay Brannan and went out into the grey London-like skies....Imagine if you will my soundtrack.....

This was the perfect costume for today...with my new pin i made fraom a carved wooden hand from a saint statue!!!

And before we begin...a i've had..well from a street vendor at least...AND he knows my order!!!

 I stopped at "Old Hollywood" to see my items...i forgot to get pics but I'll go during the week and get some!!! they looked amazing in there!!!!! On the way back to the train i saw this little lovely!!!! "Cute mink, big sunglasses"...i did some research and looks like this might have been somekind of missed connections dating site thing.....
 I also finally got a pic of the sign at David Barton Gym.....My freind/muse/sometimes model Johanna is on it!!! {3rd from right}...she looks so stunning!!!!! Her lashes are sickening!!! Especially in the close up!!!!

 So this was my small haul today....a HUGE amount of yardage of lace trim!!!!! I got this for a STEAL and will be usiong it ALOT im SURE!!!!
 and....these vintage childrens football sholder-pads...Ive been wanting a pair of these to turn into a cool piece!!!! Pictures to come!!!!!
 and now im home...relaxing a bit...and trying to get some important work done...and just so you all can see YES i do sometimes wear tee-shirts!!!!
Until next weekend!!!!!



  1. Hey I've been doing some googling myself looking to see if anyone has posted anything about my hand made banner :) I am glad u enjoyed it. I didn't write the ad "cute mink, big sunglasses" I have just been making banners out of the titles of these ads and hanging them up back at the locations the missed connections happened haha. It's my attempt to help out! haha maybe get some people to fall in love. Again glad you enjoyed - more will be on the way soo maybe you'll run into another one day. - Amanda C. Buonocore

  2. Thats AMAZING!!!! i actually crossed the street to see it up close!!!! I always used to check those to see if someone was looking for me!!!! its great that your helping people out!!!! Keep it up!!!!!