Thursday, April 5, 2012



So...we made it!!! We are One Year Old!!!!! and 1 year in NYC clubland is like 5 regular years!!!!! I am so proud that a small dream that Shien and I had became such an amazing presence!!!!! And we couldn't have done it without the help of so many people....First i want to say a special thanks to SHIEN LEE without who's help and encouragement and equal excitement NONE of this would have happened!!!!!Then Le Poisson Rouge and Brett for being amazing hosts and for giving us a chance and an AMAZING safe space to have this party ALL the AMAZING DJ's....Patrick.....Sean...Frankie...Hillary...Jeffo!...Margo....Micheal T.....Gerald...Barrett.....and for TRULY getting what the night was about musically and really BRINGING IT every time...and for digging DEEP into your music collections and  keeping everyone DANCING!!!!!! For our fearless doorwoman Sandra.....and Most of all for all of you DISKO DOLLIES...for coming...for dressing up...for dancing and drinking...for loving the music and for supporting two people who just wanted to try to do something new and different!!!!! YOU all make all this possible and make it all worth it!!!!!!

So let's make this anniversary party  HUGE!!!!! Let's come out....get dressed and get ready to DANCE ALL NIGHT!!!!!! Let's keep this party going for years and years to come!!!!! I have SO MANY more guest DJ's lined up so come out and SUPPORT!!!!!
                                         We love you all...and keep dancing DISKO DOLLIES!!!!


                                                               SO...without further adieu......

                                             Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shien Lee and Wren Britton take you on a hot trip to new

 romantic heaven at the next edition of Dances of Vice’s

 dark and sexy sister party, DISKO NOUVEAUX, every 2nd

 Saturday of the month at The Gallery @ LPR! 


                                 DJ PUREVILE!

           {He's not perfect, but he's Perfect...for YOU}

                 DJ Patrick (Salvation/Necromantic)

                             {He walks in L.A.!!!}

                 DJ Templar (Red Party/Underworld)

                          {He's Riding on the Metro}

Dress Code: Peacock Punks, Femme Fatales, Beat Boys,

Dandy Highwaymen, Diamond Dogs, le Goth Classique

, Neon Geishas, Ladies in Waiting, Sex Gang Children,

 Slinky Vagabonds, Chameleons, Young Sophisticates,

 Extraordinary Gentlemen, etc…

                                  10pm // 21+





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