Monday, January 23, 2012


So despite some unnerving technical diffuculties...{yikes}...the January edition of DISKO NOUVEAUX went very very well!!! Once again a thank you to DJ's PATRICK and MIZ MARGO for playing some mind-numbingly amazing sets as usual!!!!!

So...without further adeiu is my slightly fractured setlist from the night!!! And remember FEBRUARY DISKO is my BIRTHDAY!!!!! So get ready for an EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!!

Damned dont cry-Visage
Heat- Soft Cell
Watch Me Bleed- Tears for Fears
Darling Dont Lave Me-Robert Gorl
Still Life in Mobile Homes-Japan
Told You So- Depeche Mode
Love Parasite- Fad gadget
It's Only You {Mein Schmerts}- Lene Lovich
Desperate but not Serious-Adam Ant

Ways to an End- Mirrors
Breaking Up- images in Vogue
Whats a Girl to Do-Cristina
Cool Blue-Eurythmics
Be a Boy-Gina X
Hyperactive!-Thomas Dolby

{mini sets after the techno glitch}

Subculture-New Order
Fascinated- Company B
Let the Music Play-Shannon
Hit that Perfect Beat-Bronski Beat
Dancing in heaven {Orbital Be-Bop}- Q-Feel

19-Paul Hardcastle
Walking Away- information Society
Slang teacher-Wide Boy Awake
Beg Your Pardon-Kon Kan

{Last Song}

Dancing with tears in my eyes-Ultravox!!!!

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