Friday, January 13, 2012

Something Inside Me has DIED......

I remember the first time I saw this young and so easily had such a dark was exquisite and elegant...the subtle mix of early batcave and Vintage GLAMOUR....and the a gothed out David Bowie ripping his heart out for all to was everthing I wanted and all i needed at the set the standard for so much other music after it...and it still holds up...even the cheezy "tear" at the takes me back to a simpler time...and even makes me smile....


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  1. It was over 20 years ago that I SAW the video as a "cult classic" on either 'Post-Modern MTV' or '120 Minutes'.....once then never again. My ADD ridden mind had stored it away as Basement 5. Could also be quite possible that MTV listed the wrong name. I've danced to this track countless times at the batcave without ever knowing it was THAT song/video.....until recently. CLOSURE!!