Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Only After Dark" the Tale of a Photoshoot


So I was asked by my friend Renee Mosoomian {BabyLove's Latex:} to be included in a photo shoot of her work and the work of Gerrold Vincent...with an amazing photographer Peter Martinez and the hottest of NYC's hot models including some of my friends {i.e. Johanna Constantine and Anna!!!}...including iconic NYC hotties MAtthew Camp {also a designer}, Johnny Sanford and Blake Tysinger and singer Jeanie Moss....and my lovely friend Ms CAndy Knickers on the hair tip!!!!!..I was excited to say the least!!! So many talented and ferociously hot people all woking be a hard not to jump on this!!!!!

It was an all day event that i jumped in mid way affair that was planned to end at 10 that went on WELL into the witching hour...but thats how the process works doesn't it!?!?!?!

I saw some of the preview photos and they looked STUNNING!!! The combination of our styles was incredible and although we all do different things we pull from the same influences so the pieces worked so WELL together!!!!! I cannot WAIT to show you all the photos as soon as they are done....

MEANWHILE...please enjoy my sometimes blurry behind the scenes shenanigans!!!! UNFORTUNATEY due to the lateness of the day my gas mask did not get shot {next time} HOWEVER we did get a few BEHIND the scenes shots of it so don't worry AT ALL!!!! {Thanks Matthew!!!!}

So enjoy.....and below i included a list of everyone involved just in case i forgot anyone!!!! Ill post the real photos as soon s they are available!!!!



                                                                         Production Coordinator:
                                                                               Gerrold Vincent

                                                                           Johanna Constantine
                                                                               Anna Amalthea
                                                                                  Jeanie Moss
                                                                               Matthew Camp
                                                                               Blake Tysinger                                                                               Johnny Sanford

                                                                              Prissy Daugherty
                                                                               Candy Knickers

                                                                               Frances Eugenia

                                                                                 Wren Britton

                                                                           Renee Masoomian
                                                                            Gerrold Vincent

                                                                             Peter Martinez

                                                                              Set Designer:
                                                                             Rhys Chapman 





The things {wet} dreams are made of!!!!

{Johnny, Blake, Matthew}


This shot reminded me of the Vampires in Near Dark


{behind the scenes}

{Eat your MAke-Up}

                                                                                 {Mr Camp}


{One of Gerrolds STUNNING pieces!!!} 

{Ladies in Waiting}

{Rubber Sex Love Boyz: Johnny & Blake!}

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