Saturday, September 17, 2011

Black and White and HAUTE all Over: Daphne Guiness @ F.I.T.

I'm SO totally into being a man...but SERIOUSLY...after the Daphne Guiness exhibit at F.I.T i am ready to get a sex change and have some ribs removed!!!! was a walk through the looking glass into the best closet EVER!!!!!! Nothing so gobsmackingly outrageous...just amazing fashions styled impeccably and with  fantastic personal touches....punk rock pants from Camden markets get paired with McQueen and Chanel.....real vintage finds its way pinned onto Gareth Pugh....and masks and eyepatches become viable accessories...I mean how can you not LOVE this woman....I have allready seen it TWICE {in one day...} and ran into a woman i saw at the first day of the McQueen exhibit!!!! I'm sure it won't get as crazy as that...and it's nowhere near as spectacular...but WELL worth seeing...Trust!!!!

F.I.T. did a great job curating it and the set up is something that they haven't done before...and honestly it looks amazing!!!! Other than the bad "Halloween Adventure" Bride of Frankenstein wigs everything was spot on!!!! {and apparently Holograms are the new black!!!}

So what are you waiting's FREE!!!! Go!!!!


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