Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Someplace Safe.....

Lately i've been feeling like i've been losing touch with that playful side of myself....and I was thinking how much fun i used to have making blanket forts...how safe i felt in my secret world....somewhere to hide and read...or just daydream....who gets to do that anymore????

When was in college i had a few friends living with me in my parents basement...it was like a studio and allthough i love peoples company I needed my privacy...so i ensconced my bed in layesand layers of fabrics...i had  a bookshelf and a cd player inside...and some candles for mood lighting...it was heaven...a litle respite from my busy life...I miss that....maybe i need to get some blankets togther and get to work!!!

So remember to stop every once and awhile and enjoy  the magic of life....even if that mean just throwing a blanket over your head and reading VOGUE ITALIA by flashlight!!!


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