Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Artist Spotlight

So I have this friend.....he likes Lady GaGa and Tones on Tail....he can sing a few Queen songs and likes vintage Tom and Jerry cartoons..He's close friend with Shannon from "Light Asylum"...and is known in most bars and Brunch hot spots in Williamsburg.......He's a pretty amazing...OH....did I mention he' in Pre-K!?!?!?!?

My friends Jessica and Gerald have this AMAZING son Auden..and he's quite a little character....He loves going through my bag and he talks endlessly and is full of the kind of childish curiousity I just ADORE...I don"t get to see my own nephews too much at all so it's so amazingly warming when he calls me "Uncle Wren".....

So Auden likes electronics...cell name he got a hold of my camera and THESE were the results!!! better than most stuff i've seen at P.S. 1 i tell you!!!! So here you are...Audens view of the world!!!!

P.S. Play THIS while you lok...It's one of his FAVE songs!!!!


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