Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 10th x DISKO NOUVEAUX x PUREVILE! x DJ JEFFO! x DJ Hi-Fi Hillary!!!!!

It's September Disko Dollies...and the crisp weather brings an amazing new set of B-side babies...and some fabulash guest DJ's to keep you dancing with tears in your eyes!!!!

This Month Featuring:

DJ PUREVILE! : Resident and co-founder...He WILL tumble 4 ya.....

DJ Hi-Fi HILLARY (Contempt) : Back again and ready to have you Wild Boys and Girls on Film holding back the rain....

DJ JEFFO BANG (Skittles): JEFFO! will be popping his DISKO cherry and have you all screaming in your pillows!!!!!

Spin New Romantic – New Wave – Postpunk – Glam – Batcave

 Your Host:

The remarkable and stunning SHIEN LEE (Dances of Vice) giving you Replicant realness....is she real??? or is she Memorex?????

  The Gallery at LPR
158 Bleecker Street, NYC

$5 Cover, 21+ ID Required

Dress Code: Peacock Punks, Femme Fatales, Beat Boys, Dandy Highwaymen, Diamond Dogs, le Goth Classique, Neon Geishas, Ladies in Waiting, Sex Gang Children, Slinky Vagabonds, Chameleons, Young Sophisticates, Extraordinary Gentlemen

See ALL of you then!!!!!


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