Saturday, September 3, 2011

McQ : F/W 2011...Pretty in Punk

So Sarah burton continues the McQueen line with "McQ" the "lower" priced McQueen line.....Her Fall/Winter collection is actually pretty cool...It's ANOTHER rehash of the punk thing...and yeah sometimes I cringe when fashion houses do "punk" it ends up looking kind of derivitive and really just sucky.....but the reason her version appeals to me is there is so much handwork!!! HUNDREDS of saftey pins adorn a vest....messages and scatchitti adorn a M.C.....the clothing looks like the stuff my friends and I did in highschool when we were broke...{yeah like were RICH now!!! heh}

Iconic tartans...saftey pins...leather jackets and trousers....I was definately impressed and it definately appealed to the nostalgia addict in me!!!!The vest below was one of my favourites...and don't THINK I didn't just go out and buy a HUGE bag of saftey pins to recreate this!!!!! Pictures to follow definately!!!!!

Reminds me so much of my friend Gina!!!! We would spend HOURS putting saftey pins on ANYTHING that layed around too much!!! Now I use them like a stylist does to take in little nips and tucks and to hold things JUST RIGHT.....and to hold togther less relaiable vintage items!!! [heh}

So glad that Sarah Burton is still keeping the  McQueen alive in all aspects of the brand!!!!! Great job Ms Burton!!!


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